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Reading at Trinity

Our school uses a range of texts to support the teaching of reading.  For early readers, we use phonics based schemes. As the children become more confident readers, children are placed on to our levelled book band scheme (Level 0-26). These books are made up of a variety of genre and schemes and include, but are not limited to, Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Star reading schemes.


Children will progress through the levels as the teacher's assess their confidence, fluency and comprehension. If a child reaches level 26 in KS1, they will become a 'Heart Space Free Reader' - where they will have access to more challenging texts which are appropriate for their age.  Once they have completed level 26  and are in KS2, they will become a ' KS2 Free Reader' - readers who have greater freedom over the books they choose but who are still building their confidence with key reading skills. Once these are secured, children become 'Library Readers' where they have free choice over the books in the library - logged in and out to the children using our library system, 'Junior Librarian',


All children take part in reading conferences regularly to ensure they are accessing a 'varied reading diet' - including all of the genres. Children have 'reading passports' in their reading journals which allow them to monitor the variety of books they are choosing to read (genre, author, length etc).

Reading and Writing Parent Workshop - 2017/18

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