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Children's Achievements

A celebration of our children's achievements

Trinity School is filled with fantastic, happy children who achieve amazing things both in and out of school and we would like to celebrate their hard work and dedication here.

If your child has received a certificate, medal or trophy or would like to share something special they have achieved, please let us know and we will share this in our Friday Celebration Worship.

We would like to thank Publicity Group for taking pictures of the children each week and also our year six website team for updating our website page each week.


Trinity School children - Aiming High!

Trinity's got Talent Final

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Spelling Bee Final

Thank you to all those who came to support Trinity's first ever spelling bee. It was a fantastic turn out and the children really enjoyed themselves. We were blown away by the children's accurate spelling and this made the final even tougher than we had imagined. Due to timings, it came down to an 'It's a knockout' style round for Years 3-6 and Year 1 and 2 having to hold a continuation spelling bee to finish on Wednesday afternoon! We would just like to congratulate all of the finalists, you were all fantastic! Prizes and certificates were presented to the children yesterday.

The winners for 2017 were:

Year 1- Dulcie 

Year 2 – Alicia 

Year 3 - Scarlett 

Year 4 - Jack J

Year 5- Lucas 

Year 6 - Ed 

Term 3 2016-17

Writer of the term - Term 1 2016

It has been a real pleasure to see such fantastic writing going on across the school. The following children have been chosen by their teachers as 'Writers of the Term' for Term 1. A big congratulations to them - keep up the great work! Work from all of the children listed below can be seen on the 'Writer of the Term' display outside the Lighthouse in the KS1 corridor.


Year 1 Lavender Class: May Haworth

Year 1 Marjoram Class: Nicole Villis

Year 2 Chives: Hugo Villis

Year 2 Thyme: Alecia Pittaway

Year 2 Caraway: Lauren Rowntree

Year 3 Fennel: Ava Richardson

Year 3 Camomile: Merrin Somers

Year 4 Rosemary: Evie McCleary

Year 4 Coriander: Evie Blewett

Year 5 Parsley: Isabelle Voss

Year 5 Tarragon: Jac Priddle

Year 6 Sage: Bella Holland

Year 6 Sorrell: Georgia Smith



Mathematician of the Term:


Autumn Term 1 - 2016-2017

Congratulations to all of the children that were nominated as Mathematician of the Term by their teachers. There has been some amazing maths work produced by all of the winners which is now on display in the KS1 corridor.


Year 1: Lavender Class - Dulcie Griffin       Marjoram Class - Leo Harries

Year 2: Carraway - Bethan Thomas            Thyme - Arran Cabral          Chives - Isla Cripps

Year 3: Camomile - Alex Dumville              Fennel - Jamie Harris

Year 4: Coriander - Ewan Dickson              Rosemary - Charlie Kelleher

Year5: Tarragon - Rosa Ford                      Parsley - Sam Anstice

Year 6: Sorrel - Ewan Andrew                    Sage - Sofia Bishop

Summer Term

Summer Term 1 A national champion in Judo!

Rising Stars Writing Competition

Rising Stars Writing Competition 1 Winning the national Rising Stars Competition

Spring Term 2016

Writing Competition Winners: 


Term 2 - Firework Poetry

Congratulations to our winners. There were over 80 entries to this term's competition and the standard of work was extremely high with lots of whizzing and whistling and whooshing.

The Writing Leaders and Global Group had a very tricky job picking the finalists.

After much deliberation three winners were chosen.

KS1 - Rosie

LKS2 - Ella

UKS2  - Tegan


Picture 1 Our firework poetry winners