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We hope you enjoy seeing some of our recent events in school as well as some of our excellent learning.

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2017-2018 events

House Groups - Keeping Healthy.


In House Groups, the children have been learning about how to keep fit and healthy with the help of some amazing local professionals. BIG THANKS goes to The Hub for teaching Mustad house about martial arts; Portishead Gym Academy for teaching Bailey how to balance and develop their core strength; Candy Minshall, a fitness coach, for teaching Marconi how to Zumba and Becky Holman, a teacher and personal trainer who taught Albright how to keep fit with hoola-hoops and skipping ropes. Read on to find out more about the learning experiences of each House Group. 

Bailey House Group

Bailey House Group 1
Bailey House Group 2
Bailey House Group 3
Bailey House Group 4
Bailey House Group 5
Bailey House Group 6
Bailey House Group 7
Bailey House Group 8
Bailey House Group 9
Bailey House Group 10
Bailey House Group 11
Bailey House Group 12
Bailey House Group 13
Bailey House Group 14
Bailey House Group 15
Bailey House Group 16

Marconi House Group

Marconi House Group 1
Marconi House Group 2
Marconi House Group 3
Marconi House Group 4
Marconi House Group 5
Marconi House Group 6

Marconi's thoughts on keeping healthy....

"You should try and eat five types of fruit and vegetables a day".

"Children should exercise for one and a half hours a day".

"Your brain needs sleep.  It is like a computer when you are asleep"

"I think Year 6 children need about 9 hours sleep a night"


Mustad House Group

Mustad House Group 1 Matt from Epic Martial Arts,The Hub came to visit
Mustad House Group 2 Matt taught us about respect, strength and fitness
Mustad House Group 3 Firstly, we warmed up to raise our heart rates
Mustad House Group 4 We jogged on the spot.
Mustad House Group 5 We did star jumps.
Mustad House Group 6 We learnt how to safely roll forward.
Mustad House Group 7 More jogging on the spot.
Mustad House Group 8 We learnt how to perform a safe squat.
Mustad House Group 9 We had to hold our balance.
Mustad House Group 10 It was hard to get the balance right.
Mustad House Group 11 We did five squats in a row...
Mustad House Group 12 Then we were challenged to complete 10...
Mustad House Group 13
Mustad House Group 14 George taught us how to do leg raises.
Mustad House Group 15 We were strengthening our core muscles.
Mustad House Group 16 We all had a go at leg raises.
Mustad House Group 17 Then we learnt how to do sit ups. Jack was great!
Mustad House Group 18 It was really tough to do press ups.
Mustad House Group 19 We tried our best, but it was tiring.
Mustad House Group 20 Luca was very strong and did a single point squat.
Mustad House Group 21 WOW Luca!


Albright 1
Albright 2
Albright 3
Albright 4
Albright 5
Albright 6

Sports hall Athletics Championships

Sports hall Athletics Championships 1


Masterchef 1
Masterchef 2
Masterchef 3
Masterchef 4
Masterchef 5
Masterchef 6
Masterchef 7
Masterchef 8
Masterchef 9
Masterchef 10
Masterchef 11
Masterchef 12
Masterchef 13
Masterchef 14
Masterchef 15
Masterchef 16
Masterchef 17
Masterchef 18
Masterchef 19