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Our learning this week

Week Ending 07.02.20


What an exciting week we have had this week!


On Thursday it was our Egyptology Day! It was wonderful to see so many children embracing the day and dressing up as Egyptians! We had a wonderful day! We cracked codes using hieroglyphs, learnt Egyptian  numbers, played Egyptian bingo and created our own monsters! Keep an eye on our gallery page for some photos from the day!


In English we have been learning about adverbials of time and imperative verbs ready to begin writing a set of instructions next week.


In maths we have began multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.


On Monday at 9am it is our Presentation of Learning. We will be talking about what we have learnt this term and will be sharing some examples of our work. We look forward to seeing you!

Week Ending 31.01.20


This week our wait was finally over! Two weeks after mummifying our tomatoes we were able to unbox them! We discovered that they had turned hard and wrinkly, and that surprisingly only a couple had started to develop mould! We were even more surprised when we watched a video showing what would happen if we didn't mummify our tomatoes - it was disgusting!


In English this week we have used our imagination to describe what it might be like to walk through an abandoned pyramid. We have been particularly focusing on our use of commas in our writing.


In Maths we have continued with multiplication and division, relating the number facts that we know to our learning.


In topic this week we have been learning about how the Egyptians used to write. They used to use symbols and pictures called hieroglyphs! We learned the different symbols for our alphabet and created a cartouche with our names on.

Week Ending 24.01.20


This week we have been scientists! We learnt the meaning of the words opaque, translucent and transparent and put our scientific knowledge and skills to the test by predicting which materials would make the best curtains, before conducting our own experiment to test the different material - the results of which may surprise you!


In English we remained scientists by planning and writing our own scientific report about our experiment. We focused on using clear subheadings, using scientific language in our writing and using different ways to present our findings.


In Maths we have been putting our multiplication and division knowledge to the test by using a range of methods to practice problem solving questions.


In topic we have been continuing with ancient Egypt. This week we have learned about the different Egyptian Gods, creating top trump cards for them to discover who we think would be the most powerful.

Week Ending - 17.01.20


This week in English we have been writing a biography about Howard Carter. We used a range of sources to research about Howard Carter's life and famous discovery.


In maths we have been focusing on our 8 times tables and arithmetic skills. In science we have been using scatter graphs to display data.


In topic we have been learning about ancient Egypt. This week we have learnt about how and why the Egyptians mummified their dead before mummifying our own tomatoes! We made observations and will observe how our tomatoes have/haven't changed in two weeks time.


Term 3

Week Ending - 10.01.2020


Happy new year!


Year 3 have had an exciting back as we dived straight into our new topic: Howard Carter  - grave robber or archaeologist?


In English we finished our narrative writing project by becoming critics. We read each other's adventure stories and wrote a review.


In Maths we have been focusing on using multiplication and division for our three and four times tables.


In Science we started our 'light' unit - did you know that darkness is the absence of light and that objects which produce light are called light sources?


In topic we have started to explore ancient Egypt - we became archaeologists and predicted what different Egyptian artefacts might have been used for.

Week Ending - 20.12.19


This week Year 3 have been using the skills and methods we have been taught this term to help us solve some Christmas themed maths investigations. In English we have been showing off while writing independently using Christmas as inspiration. In RE we have reflected on how everyone's Christmas is unique.


It was lovely to see the children have a wonderful time during their Christmas party on Thursday afternoon and at our Christmas church service on Friday morning.


We hope you have a fantastic, relaxing Christmas break and look forward to seeing you in the New Year, ready to start our new topic - Howard Carter: Grave Robber or Archaeologist?

Week Ending 13.12.19


What an exciting week this week has been at Trinity school!


This week in English we  have been writing and finishing our adventure stories. We are really excited to be sharing our stories with the Year 6 classes next week!


On Tuesday it was our John Wesley Day. Our focus was the moment in John Wesley's life when he felt his heart "strangely warmed". We created artwork based on this, which we then shared with the rest of the school. We really enjoyed learning about John Wesley and visiting other year groups to see their artwork.


On Wednesday it was our Christmas Dinner day! We celebrated this in Maths by completing a 'Crack the Code' challenge. We had to work in groups and complete a variety of different maths activities to discover the missing numbers for the code. We have also started our multiplication unit in Maths, which we will continue next week and after Christmas.


On Friday afternoon we enjoyed singing some Christmas songs to our parents as part of The Big Sing.



Week Ending - 06.12.19


This week in English we have been writing our own adventure story inspired by 'The Secret of Black Rock'. We will be finishing these next week and are excited about sharing them with other children in the school.


In Maths we have concluded our addition and subtraction unit by learning about estimating answers and using the inverse operation to check our answers are correct.


On Tuesday we went on our walk around Portishead. We had a great time looking at the physical and human features of Portishead. We even discussed one of our big questions - Is all of Portishead beautiful?



Week Ending - 29.11.19


This week we have continued focusing on The Secret of Black Rock in our English lessons. We have been predicting what we think will happen next and thinking of ways we can make our writing more interesting (showing the reader how the character is feeling and choosing interesting adjectives.


In maths we have continued our subtraction unit. This week we have started using formal written methods alongside our pictorial methods to subtract 3 digit numbers by 2 and 3 digit numbers.


In topic we have been learning about muscles, predicting which muscles we would use in our PE activities. We also looked at food chains, discussing the scientific language (consumer, producer, predator and prey).


In RE we have been reflecting on all of the things we are thankful for and created our own prayers which will be on display in our reflection area.

Week Ending - 22.11.19


This week in English we created posters for our community board advertising the nutrients that we need to stay healthy. We are very excited as we have also started our new book - 'The Secret of Black Rock' by Joe Todd-Stanton.


In maths we have been practicing subtracting pictorially. We have used and represented our learning using base 10, counters and number lines.


In Science we have started learning all about the bones in our bodies. On Tuesday we drew around each other and labelled the bones we knew, before learning their scientific names and adding these to a skeleton!

Week Ending - 15.11.19


This week Year 3 have completed their assessments in Maths, Reading and Grammar.


After a lot of practicing, on Wednesday this week we spent the morning at Portishead Primary School, participating in the 2019 'Raise The Roof'! We had lots of fun, enjoyed learning with children from other schools and felt proud representing Trinity school.


In RE this week we have been learning about gospels, and even had a go at writing about ourselves. In PSHE we have been discussing different strategies that we can use to resolve issues independently.

Term 2

Week Ending - 08.11.19


This week we have been introduced to our new topic - What is there in our local area?


In English we have been poets, writing our own beach-themed poems. We will be publishing these next week and creating our own class book of poems!


In Science we have been learning about the different food groups and nutrients that humans and animals need to survive. We have sorted different food packaging into the correct groups and compared our diets to different animals.


In Maths we have been aiming high and challenging ourselves by using our knowledge of column addition to solve word problems. We have even made up our own!


Week Ending - 24.10.19


This week we had an exciting start to the week! On Tuesday afternoon we experienced a Stone Age art workshop! We spent the afternoon creating our own pieces of cave art - experimenting with colours and different techniques using pastels and charcoal.


In English we have concluded our newspaper reports and Stone Age topic by publishing our reports ready for our aiming high display!


In maths we have continued with our addition unit, this week focusing on column addition and adding 1 and 2 digits to 3 digit numbers!


After half-term we will be starting our new topic - What is there in our local area?


Have a lovely half term!

Week Ending - 18.10.19


This week in English we have started to write our newspaper report about the discovery of Skara Brae. We had lots of fun creating different headlines that we could use!


In maths we have been continuing our adding unit, looking at how we can represent our questions, workings out and answers pictorially.


In topic we have been looking at rocks and volcanoes. Did you know that there are three types of rock - igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic! In geography we looked at maps to identify where in the world we can find volcanoes - we can't wait to learn more about them next week!


Today we also wrote our Stone Age Exhibition invitations, which will be going home today. Our exhibition will be an opportunity for you to see all of the work we have done throughout our Stone-Age topic in our classrooms! (The exhibition is Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 24th October, 3.15-3.45pm).

Week Ending - 11.10.19


This week in English we have started working towards our next big write - which will be a newspaper report! We have looked at the features of a newspaper and started to develop our skills, focusing on paragraphs and writing in third person.


In maths we have continued our addition and subtraction unit, focusing on partitioning a number to help us with addition.


On Wednesday we had a DT day! We built the Stone Age houses that we had been designing over the past week. We used a range of materials and techniques to construct our houses, including rope, paper and natural materials such as grass and sticks.


In RE we have continued studying inspiring people, and this week focused on our own values, arranging some core values into never important, sometimes important and always important. It was really interesting hearing people's opinions and seeing the similarities (and some differences) in our values.

Week Ending - 04.10.19


This week in English we have been writing our letters to Om, explaining the differences between life today and life in the Stone Age. We focused on using a range of conjunctions and using informal language.


In maths this week we started our new addition and subtraction topic. We have been adding and subtracting 100s and 1s from 2 and 3-digit numbers.


In topic we have been designing our Stone Age houses, which we will create next week. On Friday we even got to go outside to collect some materials!


In R.E we have continued studying inspiring people. This week we decided on one thing that we will do to set a good example to others and make a difference.

Week Ending - 27.09.19


On Monday we arrived at school to find that we had been delivered a letter! The letter was from 'Om', our friend from the Stone Age Boy! She has asked us to write a reply telling her all about the technology we have to help us in our lives today. This week we have been practising conjunctions to make sure we aim really high when writing our response next week.


In topic we have continued studying the Stone Age, comparing houses throughout the different time periods. We have also used I-Pads to research Skara Brae, an archaeological find from the Stone Age near Scotland.


In PSHE we have been discussing and designing a nightmare school and a dream school, talking about what makes each one good and bad, and how we can ensure that our school remains a dream school.


In maths this week we have come to the end of our first unit - Place Value. We are now aware of a variety of methods we can use to partition numbers.

Week Ending - 20.09.19


This week in English we continued reading 'The Stone Age Boy'. We used our expanded noun phrases from last week to create a description of the cave, which we have published and will be displayed on our Aiming High board!


In Maths we have continued focusing on Place Value, learning about how we can use our knowledge of Place Value to help us compare and order numbers.


In Topic we have been exploring the Stone Age, this week looking at different tools that they used and comparing them to the ones we use today, as well as looking at the different types of food that they ate in the Stone Age.


We have also debated in RE, greeted each other in French and mirrored each other's movements in PE.

Term 1

Week Ending 13.09.19


On Monday we had our first house meeting of the year, during which we voted for our House Captains and Vice Captains.


This week in English we were introduced to our focus book, 'The Stone Age Boy'. We predicted what the story might be about and created some wonderful sentences using expanded noun phrases to describe the cave.


In maths we have been learning new ways which we can use to partition numbers. We discovered that we can use place value grids, part-whole models, place value cards and were introduced to using number lines to order numbers.


In topic we have been learning all about the Stone Age. We used time lines to discover how long ago the Stone Age was and have learnt about how different life was in the Stone Age. Did you know they didn't have any electricity, used fire to keep warm and had to hunt their food!


On Friday we celebrated Roald Dahl Day 2019 by creating our own giants. We used adjectives to describe their personality and appearance.


Together we inspire, through our Christian values, unique individuals who believe they can achieve more than they ever thought possible in mind, body and spirit. Through nurture and challenge, we provide a firm foundation to enable all to thrive, to lead and serve in their life long journey as local, national and global citizens.