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Our learning this week

Week ending 13th March 2020


We had a great week celebrating Science. We did different experiments on sound. We even looked into our ears and saw all the little hairs in the ear canal. Did you know that it is natural to damage these hairs as you get older? That's why children have better hearing than adults. We heard a beep in different Hertz and the adults were unable to hear the higher Hz frequency. Amazing isn't it?

Week ending 5th March 2020


The children had an amazing week. We are really proud of their achievements and efforts during this week's assessments. Especially their reading results are amazing, so thank you for all your hard work at home! 


We really enjoyed world book day. We wrote our own stories based on the book 'Into the forest'. We were delighted to see a little boy going into a forest and meeting all of our favourite fairy tail characters. It was fantastic to see everyone dressed up and having fun. 

Week ending 28th February 2020


We had an amazing start into the new term! We started our new book 'A boy in the girls' bathroom' and wrote some fantastic diary entries as the main character Bradley. 

In Maths we worked with decimals and divided whole numbers by 10. 


And of course, we also started assessment week with assessing PIRA (reading). Year 4 did absolutely amazingly! We are really proud of them!

Week ending in 14th February 2020


The last week of term has been amazing. Our fun swimming day was highly enjoyed and we like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has helped taking the children to the Leisure Centre and back!!


In Maths, we finished our work on fractions and will be looking at decimals/money next term. In Science we observed how a lemon was able to make a watch turn on. Did you know lemons can be used as batteries? 

Week ending 7th February 2020


This week in Maths we continued to learn and practiced equivalent fractions and how to simplify them. In Science we tested different materials and recorded if they are conductors or insulators. As a real scientist would, we made predictions, recorded our findings and then wrote a conclusion. We can't wait for our next Science lesson. 

Week ending 31st January


We had a great week despite the flu enabling some of us. We are glad to see that everyone is making a great recovery!


A highlight was our art project. We looked at printing techniques and the works of Suzie MacKenzie, who specialises in intaglio collagraph a printing type. Our own collagraphs were designed with daily items like string and pipes, making our pictures abstract and full of texture. Next, we will be looking at how to print in the style of MacKenzie.

Week ending 24th January 2020


This week we learnt a lot about Hinduism. They believe in one god who can take many different forms. To capture all our knowledge, we wrote a non-chronological report about Hinduism and how they worship. Did you know Hinduism is over 4000 years old, making it the oldest religion in the world?


In Science we carried out an experiment. We investigated if frozen water evaporates faster than normal water. What do you think happened?

Week ending 17th January 2020


We have had a wonderful week full of experiments and discovery. We conducted experiments to ascertain how you might increase water's evaporation rate and began to think about why. In maths, we have now begun to use the part whole model effectively in our calculations and will begin moving towards 3-digit quotients next week. We wrote blurbs in English and began introducing our text. 

Week ending 10th January 2020


We had a great start to the new Year. In English, we predicted what our new book 'The Street beneath my feet' is going to be about. We are excited to have a look inside the book next week. Most of us thing it will be a adventure story in which a boy or a girl discovers dinosaur bones. I wonder who made an accurate prediction...



Week ending 20 December 2019


We had a great week, excitingly counting up the days to Christmas. We crafted our own Christmas tree ornaments and designed Christmas cards. A highlight was our catapult battle: Rosemary vs Coriander. It ended in a tie with some amazing throws. And of course our Christmas party, which we highly enjoyed.


We wish you a lovely Christmas break and a happy New Year.




Week ending 13th December


What a busy week we've had full of lots of wonderful moments from the children. From our amazing catapults to the big sing in the playground it has been a real joy to see many of the children gearing up for the festive season. We have written our own Christmas poems and tangram maths cards. Our John Wesley day allowed us to create some amazing clay artwork and we cannot wait for the fun festive-themed activities coming next week.


Salt dough ornaments, origami maths puzzles & more DT! We may even have room for a Christmas part. What a week they've got planned next week. 

Week ending 6th December


This week has been full of adventures and excitement. On Monday, we went to the Roman Baths. There was so much to see and learn. For example, we saw and learnt about some Roman artefacts and discovered that the Romans invented concrete. Amazingly, the Romans also invented the underfloor heating system. We had an amazing day!


In English, we continued to learn about subordinating conjunctions (while, although, until) and practice using them in our recount about our day at the Roman Baths.


In Dt, we looked at different kinds of catapults and we are really excited to build our own within the next two weeks.

Week ending 29th November


We had a lot of fun with poetry this week. A highlight were our own Don't poems:


Don't do

Don't do 

Don't do that

Don't put gravy on the baby

Don't put a mouse in your house

Don't throw Fanta at Santa


Aren't the children fantastic rhymers? 



Week ending 22nd November


This week was a bit different than usual because we practiced our presentation of learning. We have had lots of fun preparing and practicing our lines. We are very excited and can't wait to present it to you on Monday.


In RE we compared how we are living in the UK to a child which lives in a poorer country. We did a lot of reflection and appreciated how privileged we really are.

Week ending 15th November


The children completed their first term assessments this week and we have been so impressed with the diligence and focus they've demonstrated. Coriander got to act out as Roman soldiers and are preparing to counter-conquer Rosemary class at some point this term! 


Our Raise the Roof singing was a  massive success with some amazing helpers from across the phase and some wonderful singing.


We have begun to plan our science experiment based on the quickest way to melt an ice cube!

Week ending 8th November


We have had a great start to the new term! We wrote our own Krindlekrax story and learnt how to subtracted from 4-digit numbers.


Every day we are getting better and better at our time tables and finished the week with a festival battle off on TTRockstars. This term we will be testing the 7 times table every Friday. 


Our science experiment on the decay on teeth was a great success. We put boiled eggs (symbolising our teeth) into different sugary liquids and watched how the shell slowly decayed. And now it just looks disgusting and stings xD


Week ending 25th October


We had a fantastic week! In Maths we learnt how to add and subtract 4 digit numbers and we absolutely smashed the 6 times table. Over the holidays continue to go on TTRockstar in preparation for the 7 times table, which we will be focusing on after half term. 


We hope you have a fantastic Halloween and have fun trick or treating! 

Week ending 18th October


This week has been fantastic! Year 4 had so much fun learning animals in French. Ask them about le chien or la chat. In Art we create our own mosaic with paint, and we were impressed on the level of detail everyone put in.

We are still enjoying reading Krindekrax. We finally found out how the baby crocodile ended up in the sewers. Can’t wait to finish the story.

Week ending 11th October:


The children have been enjoying a hands on approach to science this week by planning an eggperiment involving sugary drinks and the shells of eggs. We have also been beginning addition with no exchanges as well as working on our fluency.

Week ending 4th October 2019


We had had such a great week. We finished our non-chronological reports on the Roman army and gave positive feedback about everyone's incredible work. They really worked hard and we can't wait to receive the published book. 


As harvest is fast approaching, we spend time outside collecting apples, pears and some left over dandelions. After, we created our own harvest picture with all our collected items. It was a great success! The children had some much fun using nature to create their pictures. 

Week ending 27th September


Please ask your children all about their Roman non-chronological reports this weekend as we have been tirelessly working to find out as much as possible on different Roman topics from weapons to tactics! We have been ordering increasingly large numbers and have begun rounding to the nearest 1000 in numbers up to 99,999. 


We sung a song in Welsh during music and learnt about different animals' teeth. Each day as brought something new and exciting. Our real PE lesson was on balancing this week which led to some very difficult balances being performed. Some were even done whilst on a bench.

Week ending 20th September


What a hilarious week we had! We are investigating the digestive system in Science at the moment and learnt about its part and functions. This week we created our own stomach using tights and mashed up biscuits and banana. We added orange juice as acid and squeezed it through the tights (our large intestine). Finally we were left with the result of the digestive system. Poo.


In English we wrote our own innovated story where our main character meets an angry but secretly lovely animal. These stories our now up on our Aiming High board to celebrate the children's achievement. We are really proud of them!

Week ending 15th September


This week we had an amazing time practicing rounding numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds. We are getting more and more confident in place value and knowing our number bonds to 100. We wonder who will be the KIRF champion next week?


In English we watch the hilarious Dum Spiro clip, where a Roman Runner is asked to deliver a letter to another fortress across a forest. Unfortunately, the forest is inhabited by a VERY tidy and flower loving bear, who makes crossing the forest a complicated and dangerous mission for Spiro, the Runner. 

The children enjoyed writing descriptions and from the perspective of the observing trees. We ended the week by celebrating Roald Dahl Day. We read Billy and the Minpins and persuade Billy to come down the tree. 


Looking forward to next week!


Together we inspire, through our Christian values, unique individuals who believe they can achieve more than they ever thought possible in mind, body and spirit. Through nurture and challenge, we provide a firm foundation to enable all to thrive, to lead and serve in their life long journey as local, national and global citizens.