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Our learning this week



Children have been doing a lot of creative thinking this week, developing their ideas for their chapter of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.  They have been reading extracts of the book and/or model stories, considering story structure and authors' use of vocabulary to communicate details about characters and settings.  There's a real buzz about the story writing - they can't wait to get started and to share them with an audience. 

 In maths they are really getting to grips with fractions.  They've been doing a mixture of problem solving, supported work and skills practice and are beginning to naturally dip into their 'fractions toolbox' to draw on previous knowledge, skills and understanding to approach new skills. 

  Our topic work has been centred around the British Science Week theme of 'Our Diverse Planet'.  They have been investigating the insulating properties of materials and thinking about the application of this in the preservation of energy.  Children also enjoyed a visit from Mrs Howells, a parent of children at school, who talked about her role in developing and testing new drugs.  


We would like to invite all Y5 parents to a showcase of this topic's learning on Monday 30th March at 9am.  


Next week's learning:

English: writing up and editing chocolate stories

Maths: solving problems with fractions; multiplying fractions by whole numbers.

Topic: designing and making packaging for the children's own chocolate products.  During the week of 23/3/20 children will work in small groups to make a chocolate product. They may wish to bring an apron into school.  All ingredients will provided from our enrichment fund.  Many thanks in advance for your donations. smiley




Children have completed their mid-year assessments this week in reading, maths and SPAG (spelling and grammar).  We will feedback their scores to them so that they can share them with you.  We have also been continuing to explore fractions in maths and have been starting to plan an extra chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  


Next week's learning:

English: writing an extra chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, developing character and setting descriptions.

Maths: continue fractions - consolidating improper fractions and mixed numbers and embedding their understanding of equivalent fractions into various problem solving

Topic: Science Week - Our Diverse Planet.  We will continue this term's science topic on materials with a focus on recycling and climate change.



In English this week we have used our time to catch up on some grammar revision, particularly parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs).  In maths we have been converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and looking at fractions number sequences.  The children have now finished their Aztec artwork, which looks really good.  They have used their lino print blocks to explore the effects of different media and have now framed and mounted their own work for display. In science they have been learning about dissolving different materials, with a particular focus on understanding the dissolving is a different process to melting.  They might wish to do some further research at home with adult supervision. (Pancake Day will also be a great change to explore irreversible changes when materials are mixed and heated). 


We have also marked Safer Internet Day with some activities about online identity and behaviour as well as exploring addictions to gaming.  You may wish to explore this further at home.  Information and resources can be found on the website:


Information about next term's learning can be found on the relevant Y5 pages.  When we return from Cadbury World, we'll be doing some narrative writing based on 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.  We'll be showing the 2005 film, which is a PG.  Please advise us if you have any concerns about this.


We hope you enjoy the half term break.  We're looking forward to our visit to Cadbury World on February 27th - please return your permission slips asap if you haven't already done so. 


Children have been applying their understanding of the explanation genre to their own independent writing about what children get up to when their parents are not at home.  We hope you enjoy reading these at parents evenings!  In maths we have continued with our fractions work - children have made a good start on the topic and have retained a good level of knowledge from Y4.

We have held a Fairtrade day as part of our topic work this week.  This has also had strong links to children's learning in RE, focussing on the pillar of Islam regarding giving to charity.  Children made paper bags to earn 1 rupee for 20 bags, followed by some reflection on how it felt to work so hard to earn so little - they were amazed to discover that one rupee is worth about a penny and that the rate of pay they received was reflective of that of many people living in poverty around the world.   They thought about what they could do to help to make a difference, including choosing products that carry the Fairtrade symbol so that people at the beginning of the production line can earn a living wage.


Next week's learning:

English - grammar revision

Maths - fractions

Topic - finish artwork

Science - dissolving



It has been a busy and exciting week this week.  Each class has enjoyed a whole day of art, designing and making linocut print blocks.  We've taken some photographs of the process that we'll add to the gallery when the work is finished.  It has been a great activity for developing resilience and patience - children have had to work really slowly and carefully but their results are fantastic.  They're really proud of what they have achieved.  Next week we will try different media to create a variety of effects by using the print blocks.

In topic and English, children have been learning about the process of making chocolate from bean to bar.  They have written explanations of this process. 

In maths we have continued to work on problem solving with division and multiplication - we'll continue to revisit and consolidate their understanding of the standard written methods.  If you're unsure of these, please visit the maths page of our website where there is lots of information including video clips to demonstrate the methods that the children are being taught.  As always, thank you for your support with maths learning.  This is a great consolidation of their skills and really does have an impact on children's retention of new learning.


Next week's learning:

English - completing explanations and applying knowledge and skills to write some fun explanations of their choice.

Maths - we begin a long unit of work on fractions, starting with equivalent fractions and improper fractions / mixed numbers.

Topic - each class will experience a 'Fairtrade Day'.  This is rooted in our topic work about understanding the impact of our consumerism on the wider world, but also links closely with children's learning in RE about the five pillars of Islam and the fundamental values that are embedded in the pillars.  This week's focus is Zakah (charity).




Children have been enjoying listening to and discussing poetry this week.  they have been doing some deep thinking about the language, tone and messages of some poems and have enjoyed listening to and watching performance poems.  Throughout the rest of the week they will be learning and performing some poems to the rest of the class.

  In maths we have moved on to learning the standard written method for division.  We'll keep revisiting the multiplication work that we've done recently so please don't worry if your child is not completely confident with this just yet.

  In topic we have been look at Aztec art, practising making print blocks with potatoes in preparation for making linocut prints.  We're looking forward to sharing the outcomes of this with you.  Many thanks for the contributions to our new art resources fund, without which this unit of work wouldn't have been possible.


Next week's learning:

English - explanation texts - the process of making chocolate

Maths - fractions

Topic - where are the chocolate growing regions of the world?


Children have been writing a recount about the fall of the Aztec empire this week, applying some specific grammatical features to add detail and expand their ideas.  In maths we have continued to focus on the standard written method for multiplication.  Most children are feeling secure with this.  If your child is still unsure about the method as we move on to division, please be reassured that we'll come back to this regularly to consolidate and practise. 

  In topic work children have learnt about the history of chocolate and have begun to the explore the Big Question - 'Is there a dark side to chocolate?'  We will continue to think about this as our topic progresses.  


Next week's learning:

English - performance poetry

Maths - division

Topic - Mayan artwork; printing




Welcome back.  We hope you all enjoyed a good Christmas break.  The children have come back settled, rested and ready to learn - it has been good to get back into a routine.  We have started our new topic about chocolate this term.  Linked to this theme, the children have been learning about the fall of the Aztec empire in English and topic lessons.  Please see the photos page for a dramatic re-enaction of the events that unfolded when the Spanish visited then invaded the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan.  There is also a link to a useful video clip on the 'useful websites' page if children would like to refresh their memories.  They will be writing a recount of these events next week.

  In maths we have focussed on learning the standard written method (SWM) for multiplication.  Please don't forget to visit the TT Rockstars website for tables practice.  It's essential for children to have quick recall of their times tables to 12 x 12 at this stage, as poor tables knowledge can hold them back from learning and applying new skills. 

  Please see the topic web and newsletter for upcoming news of this term.  


Happy New Year to you all, and thanks again for the generous Christmas gifts. 


Next week's learning

English: Recount of the fall of the Aztec Empire.

Maths: SWM for multiplication and application through problem solving.

Topic: Mayan and Aztec art; the history of chocolate.



Children have been enjoying some Christmas related maths investigations this week, linked to their learning about area and perimeter. In English they have been applying their understanding of the discussion genre to some Christmas themed questions that have provoked some very deep thinking, particularly regarding people who are less fortunate than ourselves or who might need extra care and attention at this time of year.  As well as developing a deeper understanding of the Nativity story this week, we're looking forward to our visit to church tomorrow morning and to the Christmas party in the afternoon.


Thank you all so much for the generous gifts and for your continued support over the course of the last two terms.  Although they're very tired and excited, the children have managed to give it their best until the very end of a long couple of terms.  Enjoy the break with them and be sure to take a break yourselves.  We look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year.


Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas from the Year 5 team.



The children have written some great discussions this week about Edward Colston and his role in the transatlantic slave trade compared to his philanthropy around the city of Bristol.  They have made links with Colston's philanthropic work and that of John Wesley, who has been another figure that we've focussed on in our topic time.  Children have learnt about Wesley's founding of the Methodist Church and his influence in reforming the way that Christians worship.  They enjoyed visiting the rest of the school on Tuesday afternoon, when we all shared the outcomes of our John Wesley artwork.


Today, children have also been learning about the general elections and deepening their understanding of the democratic process.  They have been finding out about the main parties' key policies from their manifestos and held a democratic vote within their classes. 

The outcomes of the votes were:

Tarragon - Green party

Parsley - Liberal Democrats and Conservatives tied

Oregano - Labour

Some of the children gave some thought to what their own policies would be if they were Prime Minister.  It has been lovely to see the values that they hold reflected in their ideas.


In maths we have been catching up with and consolidating key areas of learning from the last few weeks.  We'll continue to do so next with, within a Christmas context.


Next week's learning:

Christmas themed discussions!

Christmas maths

RE - Incarnation


We'll end our term with a relaxing Movies and Munchies on Friday afternoon.  Please bring snacks for yourself (not to share with the class).  No nuts please.


Please let us know as soon as you can if you are able to walk with us to church on Friday morning.  No DBS needed.  Thanks.


13 more sleeps!



Children have been learning about the genre of discussion writing this week in English.  They have linked up their learning in English and topic to prepare a discussion text entitled Edward Colston - Hero or Villain?  They have been finding out a little about the slave trade and its role in developing Bristol's wealth.  This has generated lots of interesting discussion and debate.

  In maths we have continued with our work around multiplication, applying this to finding perimeters, multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 and recognising inverse operations. 


Next week

English : write up discussions

Maths: further multiplication and division

Topic: John Wesley day - Tuesday



The children are really proud of their narratives set aboard the Matthew.  They have learnt so much about Cabot through this creative writing and have also fine-tuned their vocabulary, grammar and punctuation - especially for writing dialogue.  They have asked if they can write a free-choice story next, so we're looking forward to reading their stories on a variety of themes and genres.

In maths our focus has been on multiplication and division, particularly the language of multiplication and division.  e.g. multiples, factors, primes, squares and cubes.  We are finding that some children's knowledge of their tables facts has slipped a little in recent weeks.  Any practise of times tables, including TT Rockstars or any other online games, will really help children with their quick recall. 

In topic, we have been looking at the work of Banksy and discussing his views about social justice.  The children have made many valuable and insightful contributions to our discussions. 


As previously shared on here, there is some useful information about This is Me on our values page that might help children to prepare when it is their turn to do their presentation.  This has also been shared with children a few times in class.


Reading Challenge:  Here is a useful link to books shortlisted for the CILIP, Carnegie andKate Greenaway awards: 


Next week's learning:

English: discussion text about the renaming of the Colston Hall.

Maths: area and perimeter; inverses in multiplication and division

Topic: Bristol's involvement in the slave trade



Children have been getting stuck into their historical stories this week and have been continuing to learn about what life on board would have been like.  We have used this as a vehicle for some grammar work and punctuation work - particularly speech punctuation.

  In maths children have been interpreting line graphs and are beginning to move on to our next unit of work on multiplication and division.  Please don't forget to log on to TT Rockstars regularly, as a quick recall of times tables facts will enable children to extend their knowledge and skills much more quickly to deeper and more complex thinking. 

  In topic work children have been learning about the geography of settlements, particularly with reference to Bristol's geography.


Next week's learning:

English  - complete Cabot stories and write own free choice narrative.

Maths - multiplication and division

Topic - Banksy's art work 




This week the children have completed reading, maths and grammar/spelling assessments.


In English, children have planned out their narrative writing which has a historical setting and some children have started to write their stories.


In maths children have been looking at interpreting data in tables and line graphs.


In our JIGSAW lesson this week, children have been understanding what racism is and attitudes to people of different races.


Reading Cloud

We have recently introduced a new library system which children can use from home to explore books, authors and write reviews all within the safety of the Trinity School community. Not only does this link to our school library but it is a great opportunity for parents to get involved with the books their children are reading, see the discussions their children are having about books online and develop their love of reading at home. We have launched this so far with Year 5 and 6 and look to roll it out to the rest or KS2 soon. All usernames and passwords are recorded in SHARE books.

Welcome to Reading Cloud. Reading Cloud is a leading library management system with an online student reading community that puts your library right in the heart of your school and supports you in raising literacy standards, developing information literacy skills and encouraging students to become life-long readers.




Oxford Reading Buddies - some children are already enjoying the books online at home, but we are aware that others have had difficulty logging in.  We have given the log in details to the children again - these should be in their share books.  If you're still having difficulty, please try the following and let us know if it's still a problem:

some web providers work better than others with some sites - Google Chrome seems to work OK
try clicking on the lock icon at the left of the address bar and then changing aspects of the site settings (allowing Javascript and Images seems to be the key) it may work better on a PC than an on i-pad or android device

Please see our topic and newsletter page for details of this term's topic on Bristol, which the children have continued this week.  

Next week's learning
English: writing stories with historical settings
Maths: lines graphs, multiples, factors and prime numbers
Topic: the geography of Bristol



Children have settled well in routines this week and have come back with high expectations of their own learning and behaviour - it's been a really good first week back.  Children have enjoyed writing letters to the inhabitants of Kepler 452b - an earth-like planet in the far reaches of the galaxy - for our Rotary writing competition on the theme of 'Connections'.  They have been issuing warnings and pleas for help regarding Earth's environmental issues.  During the second part of the week they have been finding out about John Cabot and his voyage to Newfoundland in The Matthew.  We were very lucky to have a current crew member of the Matthew come and visit us to talk about the ship and life on board.  This will help the children to prepare for some narrative writing they're going to do next week with the voyage as a historical backdrop.


In maths children have been revisiting some of their learning from Year 4, including equivalent fractions and standard written methods for multiplication and division ahead of our unit of work on multiplication and division this term.


Oxford Reading Buddies - some children are already enjoying the books online at home, but we are aware that others have had difficulty logging in.  We have given the log in details to the children again - these should be in their share books.  If you're still having difficulty, please try the following and let us know if it's still a problem:

  • some web providers work better than others with some sites - Google Chrome seems to work OK
  • try clicking on the lock icon at the left of the address bar and then changing aspects of the site settings (allowing Javascript and Images seems to be the key)
  • it may work better on a PC than an on i-pad or android device


Please see our topic and newsletter page for details of this term's topic on Bristol, which has got underway this week.  


Next week's learning:

English: reading, grammar and spelling assessments; narrative writing with a historical setting.

Maths: assessment; multiplication and division

Topic: the geography of Bristol



We've really enjoyed meeting parents this week to share the children's achievements and celebrate some great learning over the course of this term.  We'd like to express how impressed we all are with the way that the children have settled into their new classes and risen to the challenges of the Year 5 curriculum so far.  They all deserve a very well-earned rest next week.


This week we have enjoyed writing job ads and application letters for the future world of space-work.  Children have shown great imagination in thinking about what jobs might be around in years to come.  This has linked well with some history work that we've been doing this week as well.  Children have looked at a timeline of space travel and exploration, getting to know more about the achievements and innovations in this area, including space tourism!


In maths we have continued to focus on problem solving with addition and subtraction.  Some children have enjoyed applying their addition skills to Killer Sudoku.  They have really grappled with some challenging thinking and have shown great perseverance. 


We have given children their log-in details for TT Rockstars and Oxford Reading Buddies so that they can use these websites to enjoy some tables and reading. In week 2 of next term we'll be doing some formal assessments, so the reading website will be particularly good practice at retrieving information and engaging with a variety of quality texts.


Next term's topic will be a local history study - please see the newsletter and topic webs for the term for further detail. 


Enjoy the break.



The children have been watching a video about life on board the International Space Station and have had lots of discussion, note-taking and mind-mapping to capture the most interesting aspects of day to day life in space.  They have worked collaboratively as well as independently, showing brilliant focus and curiosity.  The next step will be to write up their own space diaries - something that they're really looking forward to.  There's a link on the home-learning page to a BBC Radio 4 episode of the Infinite Monkey Cage - Brits in Space that was broadcast on Tuesday.  Children might want to listen to this if they'd like to learn more. 

  In maths, we've been focussing on addition and subtraction - mental methods as well as standard written methods.  We have also been doing some arithmetic to give children an opportunity to practise quick recall of number facts.  The full list of KIRFs is available on our maths page for those children who might need to brush up on their quick recall of facts from previous year groups - it really does support their understanding of and ability to access the Y5 objectives if they're not held up by having to calculate rather than recall (e.g. single digit addition facts).

  In RE this week we have been considering the idea of sacrifice, linked to the Hajj, during which Muslims remember God's request of Ibrihim / Abraham to sacrifice his child.  This has generated lots of interesting discussion and deep thinking.  In topic, children have begun to investigate meteorites, fine-tuning their skills in working scientifically.  They have also been finding out about space travel and exploration over the last few decades.


Next week's learning

English: finish space diaries; application letters for space-related jobs

Maths: addition and subtraction; graphs and tables

Topic:  What is the future of space travel and exploration?  (linked to STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and maths).



Our focus in English this week has been on sentence structure and grammar.  Children have been learning about parts of speech, particularly nouns / noun phrases and verbs / verb phrases.  We have revised simple, compound and complex sentences to enable children write with a wider range of sentence structures in their independent writing.

In maths, we have begun to revisit addition, with an emphasis on reasoning about using the standard written method.  

In science children have been learning about the phases of the moon, finding out why the moon appears to be a different shape at different times of the month.  We have asked children to keep their own moon diary over the next 28 days - please see the home learning page.


This is Me - We have been enjoying children's This Is Me presentations, which are focussed around the theme of Global Citizenship in Years 5 and 6.  Please see the Trinity Values page for further guidance about the content of the presentation and for further ideas.


We would like to invite you to come in to see the children's work - particularly their space posters - on Tuesday 22nd October.  When the gates open at ten past three, please feel free to come straight in to your child's classroom to look at their work with them.


Next week's learning:

English - diaries about life on the International Space Station

Maths - continuing with addition and subtraction

Topic / Science - exploring and investigating meteorites.



We have really enjoyed reading children's creative planet writing and they are excited about publishing ready to share with you later this term.   They have been focussing on particular grammatical elements of their writing in order to improve sentence structure and detail.  

  In maths, chidren have been rounding to 5, 6 and 7-digit numbers, solving number problems and have begun to investigate negative numbers in different contexts. 

  In RE we have continued to learn about Islam and the importance of the annual Hajj (pilgrimage).  Children have been finding out about the significance of different rituals that are performed as part of this journey.  In science they have been describing how the earth's rotation causes day and night and have used atlases to find out about countries that are in the same and different time zones.


Next week's learning

English: Grammar focus - enbedding previous learning; simple compound and complex sentences

Maths: addition and subtraction

Topic: Phases of the moon



This week children have begun to think about creating their own imaginary planet.  They've looked at different artists' impressions and short film clips to generate ideas and are excited about their creative writing.  They've been working on a space-scape background in art to display their writing on, which they will have an opportunity to share with you later in the term. 

  In maths we have continued to develop an understanding of place value in numbers to one million.  Children working at greater depth have been applying their understanding to working with number lines with various intervals, solving problems with larger numbers and estimating quantities.  Any meaningful, real-life connections you can make at home with estimating large number will help to secure their understanding.  e.g. football match attendance; population of Portishead, the UK; years of history / prehistory etc. 


Next week's learning...

English: write, edit and publish creative planet writing

Maths: addition and subtraction

Topic: understanding Earth's rotation - day and night



This week, the children were extremely excited to welcome the Explorerdome to Trinity. Each class enjoyed 50 minutes of space exploration with our knowledgeable hosts and went on a journey from the sun to distant galaxies.

In English, the children have continued to write their non-chronological reports about one of the planets in our Solar System - they have now gone on to edit and write a final draft which will be proudly displayed in all three classes.

In maths, Year 5 have continued working on place value to 100,000, in particular deepening their understanding of comparing and ordering numbers, rounding and exploring Roman numerals.


Next week's learning:

English - write a non-chronological report about their own make believe planet.

Maths - numbers to 1,000,000, including rounding and ordering numbers.


So far this week, children have begun to write their chronological reports based on their planet research.  We'll continue to develop the writing throughout the week, purple polishing and the publishing it to display in the classroom.   In math we have been extending our place value work to 5 digit numbers, including rounding within larger numbers.  Children have been finding out about what's in our solar system in science as well as learning about how the planets orbit the sun.  In art, children have begun to make space-scapes using different media to represent various parts of the night sky.  They will use their artwork as a backdrop for creative writing later this term.  


Next week's learning:

English - publish planet reports and begin creative planet writing

Maths - Place value to 1,000,000; Roman Numerals


We're looking forward to our visit from the Explorerdome on Thursday morning.  Thanks to those of you who have paid.  Please refer to the Parentpay letter that went out at the end of Term 6 for details in order to make a payment if you haven't done so already.  Many thanks.  





Welcome back to the new school year.  We have enjoyed meeting the children this week and getting to know them better.  They have settled in really well and are quickly getting used to classrooms routines and expectations.  Later in the week we will agree our class contracts, which will be strongly linked to our Trinity school values including CREW.


Children have written about their holidays and have been sharing their news with each other.  They have started their new Power Maths unit on place value.  We have also introduced this term's topic about space and have been finding out about what children already know.


Please see the termly newsletter for futher topic information and dates etc. 

Our PE days this term will be Wednesday and Thursday.


Next week's learning: 

English - non-chronological reports - the planets

Maths - place value and rounding

Topic - describe the movement of the earth and planets in relation to the sun



Together we inspire, through our Christian values, unique individuals who believe they can achieve more than they ever thought possible in mind, body and spirit. Through nurture and challenge, we provide a firm foundation to enable all to thrive, to lead and serve in their life long journey as local, national and global citizens.