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Our learning this week

Week beginning 1st September


We have enjoyed showing you our classroom this week and finding out all about you. We hope you have enjoyed meeting us and exploring your new classroom. We look forward to supporting you all in starting or returning to Meadow Class and building new relationships.

Week beginning 7th September


It has been a great first week. We have new children settling and children returning from their summer break. Everyone seems to be very happy and any tears were quickly gone when they explored their new environment.

Mrs Clarke has been supporting us to understand how we can be a good listener and what skills we must use. Expect to hear lots about listening ears and thumbs up. The children have been confident in exploring both indoors and outdoors and seemed keen on hunting and solving problems. We investigated footprints, made treasure trails and explored floating and sinking. We are so happy with how settled the children seem and look forward to an exciting Autumn term. Once tapestry accounts are ready a video will be posted about learning in the Autumn term.

Next week we will start children's booked sessions, please can we ask you stick to the strict drop off times of 8.40- 8.50 unless you have discussed issues with Mrs Clarke. If your child is booked in all day but you would like to collect them early we need to ask that you collect at end of our morning session at 11.45 due to staff ratios.

Next week our focus will be;

- Supporting the children to understand the expectations and boundaries.

- Building relationships and friendships.

- Discriminating between different sounds.

- Exploring number.

Week beginning 14th September


It's been a great first full week. We have made the most of the weather and been exploring outside lots. We went on a bear hunt and thought about what we may take on our hunt with us. We have had a focus this week on understanding the boundaries and expectations of Meadow Class and how we can be kind to our friends.

The mud kitchen has been very popular with some mud soup and cakes being made, we have explored different herbs and spices whilst in the kitchen and talked about the smells.

We have been using number in our play, counting lots using shops and role play to support us. Lola has visited us to play some fun games to support our listening. We had a few tears at the end of the week as some children realise this is the new normal coming to nursery. This is expected and we will support your child through this.

Next week we will focus on:

  • Making our class promise so we understand what is expected of us.
  • Making a friendship recipe to understand what makes a good friend and how we can be good friends.
  • We will be exploring sounds in the environment.
  • Maths will focus on number and counting.

Week Beginning 21st September

It's been a busy week and we have been thinkadactyls. We have thought about what the expectations of Meadow Class are and we have made our class promise. There were so many good ideas about how to be safe and kind. We also thought of all the things that we do to be a kind friend and made a friendship recipe in our cauldron, we muttered a spell to help us all be kind friends and lots of us ended up on the Rainbow of happiness as the spell worked.

We have had lots of fun with number and have explored counting objects and saying number names. We will continue this and also explore shape this week whilst we assess where the children are in their learning.

Goldilocks wrote us a letter asking us to make her some oaty biscuits, so we explored different ingredients and thought about how we could make the biscuits. It was great fun investigating how much of each ingredient we should use and what makes a good biscuit.

Outside we have been on listening walks and explored being firefighters and putting out fires.

Next week our focus will be:

- Exploring shape and number.

- Enlivening stories - Making stories come to life by adding sound effects.

- Continue to support listening with Lola the listening leopard.

- Continue with exploring being kind.

Week beginning 28th September

This week we have bought our stories alive using props. We explored sound effects and used figures and props, some of us used the big white board to draw our stories. The have really enjoyed the traditional stories such as Goldilocks, Three little Pigs and The Gingerbread man. Lola has got us practicing being quiet and still this week which is a skill we need to practice to be a good listener. She also got us practicing simple sentences in a present game. Adult led groups times have focused on being kind and getting know each other, we have noticed the children taking these ideas into their play and really building relationships and friendships. We have introduced the Rainbow of happiness and the Learnosaurs to celebrate the children daily and boost their confidence and self esteem.

Next week our focus will be;

  • We will be supporting getting to know each other more.
  • Phonics we will be focusing on identifying and distinguishing different sounds.
  • Maths we will be looking at subitising - recognising number in dot formation.
  • Lola will be supporting us to follow directions and be a good listener.

Week beginning 5th October

We started the week by following their interest of cutting and using string and trapped their mini me's above shark infested water. They needed to choose which friends to save and figure out how they could free them. Idea of this activity was to support them thinking about each others names and supporting relationships.

We have explored number in dot formation all week in maths in various ways and the children are starting to recognise the patterns for some numbers.

Lola has been supporting us with our listening and attention and tested our memory skills with a shopping game. The children are showing progress already with them being able to participate and follow instructions. They love Lola and like to throw her a hug at the end of every game we paly with her.

Yoga we moved like insects, flapping our wings and crawling like a caterpillar, we explored breathing and helping us relax.


Next week we will focus on;

- Our class promise - sharing stories to promote being kind and how it makes you and other feel to be kind.

- 1:1 counting of everything.

- Distinguishing and identifying sounds


Week beginning 12th October


We started our week by listening to a story call "Have you filled anyone's bucket today." We introduced the concept that we all have an invisible bucket inside us and that when we do or say kind things we fill people's buckets and our own. Children decorated hearts for our kindness tree and we challenged them to think of something kind to say about a friend to help fill their bucket. It's good to be kind. We have continued to share lots of stories this week about being kind to each other along with exploring books such as hands are not for hitting and words are not for hurting.

Maths we have been counting everything with a big focus on pointing to the item as you say the number to support them with their 1:1 counting skills. Lola has been supporting us to listen carefully to quiet sounds and we have also played sound lotto this week, listening to everyday sounds to see if we can identify them.

Next week we will focus on;

- celebrating what makes us the same and what makes us different - we are all unique.

- recognising the total is the same when a group is rearranged.

- Thinking about what sounds we like and sounds we don't like.

- Exploring the story of Noah's ark.

Week beginning 19th October


What a great term it as been, we hope you agree that the children settled well and so quickly. We have seen their confidence grow so much this first term and we can see progress being made with them all. We started this week exploring the book, The Smeds and the Smoos, it helped us to see that we are all different and unique but also have similarities and we must be kind to all. We have continued on this theme with the books we have shared to help children understand it is good to be you.

They have shown an interest in being animals this week which led us to a Vet's role play being set up. We facilitated mask making too so they could make the animal mask.

Maths we have been exploring how we can rearrange groups of objects or people but we will still have the same amount we had at the start.

Phonics we have explored different sounds we hear and thought about what sounds do we like and what sounds don't we like.

We wish you all a happy and restful half term. We look forward to hearing all about them. Don't forget to check out term 2 newsletter.


Next we will focus on;

- finger gym - looking at grip.

- continue supporting auditory memory through fun games.

- supporting self esteem through celebrating each child and there differences and similarities.

- Maths we focus on a number each week. What does it look like? We will start with 1. We will also look at categorising by shape and size.


Week beginning 2nd Nov


Welcome back everyone, its sounds like everyone enjoyed their week break. This week we introduced Number 1. We explored different ways that we can represent 1 and thought about what number comes before and after. Many children followed up the challenge to see what they could find one of around the room or on their face.

The children have been learning about how to keep safe on bonfire night and we explored top tips from Fire-fighter Craig and Fido the firedog. We practiced stop, drop and roll. The children were very excited about Fireworks this week so we used this interest to explore the different sounds we may hear and we moved ourselves to music being a firework. We also created a large scale firework picture using a different skill of flicking paint.

During small groups we have been exploring what we look like and what we have the same and what is different. We have used books to help us understand and celebrate that it is good to be you.


Next week we will focus on:

- Being responsible - what does this mean? How can we be responsible at home and school?

- Recognising numerals 0-5 through games and number in our environment.

- We will explore categorising sounds with a focus on animal sounds.

- Number of the week 2, what does it look like? Can we count it? How can we represent it?

Week beginning 9th November


This week we have been on number hunts, exploring what do the numbers look like and learning the rhymes that can help us draw them. The children have really enjoyed hunting and solving the mystery of the missing numbers.

We have listened to the story of Rama and Sita for Diwali. We have had props to help us explore it in our play and we have looked at Rangoli patterns and made our own. On Friday we made diva lamps and Mrs Clarke lit one at the end to help us explore the festival of light.

Wednesday we held a silence for remembrance day and thought about why we do this. We made poppies and thought about how brave the soldiers were.

Phonics we explored animal sounds and grouped them into farm animal sounds and zoo animal sounds.

Next week we will focus on;

- Exploring number three. What does it look like? What do we know about it?

- Recognising and ordering numbers 0-5 and beyond.

- What am I good at? What does it feel like to be proud?

- Listening and distinguishing between different sounds.

- Threading to support finger manipulation and control.

Week beginning 16th November


This week we celebrated World nursery rhyme week, introducing a nursery rhyme choosing board with visual cards. Traditional rhymes were explored and the children seemed to enjoy many of the classics. Nursery Rhymes are great to support language development. 
A number washing line appeared this week in Meadow class, the numbers liked to jumble themselves but we were on hand to sort them back in the right order. Children are showing more confidence in recognising numbers, we even had some showing us how they can recognise numbers higher than 10. 
Unfortunately our week was bought to an end early but we have been busy thinking how we can best deliver some learning fun to you at home. Keep an eye on tapestry where you will find lots of support from the nursery team. 
Next week we focus on:

- recognising and naming 2D shapes

- exploring number of the week - 4

- core muscle activities 

- listening and distinguishing different sounds

Week 23rd November 


It has been a very different week for us at nursery. We hope you are safe and well and finding our videos and links useful and helpful. We are trying to give your children as much access to the learning we would be doing in class. Let’s recap we have explored the number 4, looked at 2D shapes, played lots of phonic games to recap and support our auditory skills and long term memory. We explored a range of stories and Jack helped us explore the creation story which got us thinking about what we are thankful for. 
Next week we will focus on: 

- exploring number 5. 
- more fun with shapes

- what sounds would you use in a story


Week beginning 30th November


It was lovely to welcome you all back. We hope you found the content on tapestry useful, we will be sending out a questionnaire to gather feedback.

The children seemed to enjoy the videos and seeing us on the screen and have been sharing what they have been doing at home. This week we continued to focus on 2D shapes, focussing on the properties looking at how many sides, corners and how they are different. Lola has been supporting our auditory memory skills and helping us build on our long term memory which is such an important skill for school readiness.

We have started Christmas crafts such as cards and decorations, in Meadow Class the focus is on the process and following the children's ideas not the end product. We give them examples of things they could make but we encourage them to follow through on ideas they have as they may have better ideas. We want children to learn to follow through on ideas and problem solve if their ideas don't work how they planned. This won't happen if the adults choose what and how they make things, so please don't expect uniformed cards that all look the same and appreciate the process your child has gone through in making their creations

Next week we will focus on;

- rehearsals for our Christmas event.

- Introduce estimating and then counting 1:1 to check our answers.

- Using instruments and sounds to help us tell a story.

- Lola will help us build our long term memory skills with visual memory games.

- Some Christmas fun too. 

Week beginning 7th December


We can tell Christmas is near with lots of children very excited and talking about their trees at home. We have continued with Christmas crafts and been very busy rehearsing for the Christmas event. We do these events to build children's confidence.

This week we have introduced estimating which can b a difficult concept to grasp as they just want to count straight away. We are getting there and showing them it doesn't matter if you are not correct.

Lola has been supporting the children's visual memory through group games, the children have been very good at the games so we have been trying to stretch them to build on their memory skills.

They have really liked exploring the musical instruments and have shown they can follow instructions well. We created a stage at the end of the week and we have had several children putting on shows for us. We have explored the Nativity story and thought about the meaning of Christmas to us.

Next week we will focus on;

- How can we be kind to the new children joining us in January

- show an interest in representing number

- building on sentences and encouraging children to use a wide range of vocabulary through musical activities.

- We will be making Christingles this week and having a Christmas party on Wednesday as well as performing our event to record for you all.

Week beginning 14th December


We would like to say a huge Thank you to all the families and children for our Christmas wishes, cards and gifts. We hope you all have a lovely festive break and enjoy some quality time together. 

Well done to all the children for their effort in our performances for you, they did several performances and did so well. We had great fun at our Christmas parties playing lots of party games and showing off our dance moves. 

It has been a different year and thank you for working with us on procedures we have put in place to keep everyone safe. 

We have 13 new children joining in January so can we please ask that parents arrive within the 10 minute drop off window (8.40-8.50) as we need to get all staff inside as quickly as possible to maintain ratios. 


Week Beginning 4th January


Welcome back everyone we hope you were able to enjoy your Christmas break even if it had to be a little different this year. We would like to welcome our new families and children. We have been busy helping our new children to settle in and Meadow class have been great role models and so kind to our new friends. 

Our new friends are settling in well and learning the expectations. We have been focusing this week on children's individual targets for maths. Phonics we have been exploring games where we need to use our auditory memory skills.

It's great to see all the children happy to be back and listen to their news from Christmas holidays. 

Please can we remind you that our gate times are 8.40-8.50 and 3.10-3.15, please can you be on time as this has an impact on the whole class if you are late. 

Next week we will focus on;

- Matching numeral and quantity

- building our long term memory skills with auditory and visual memory games,

- We will look at how words can hurt and how we should use words to be a kind friend.

- Supporting speech sounds through various small group games. 

Week beginning 11th January


Our new children are settling in and getting to know the routine and expectations. This week we have been looking at how to be a kind friend and listening to the story words are not for hurting to explore with the children that words can hurt and make you feel sad too. In maths we have explored matching numeral and quantity and number zero. We have thought of explored some big numbers with zero in them. 

Phonics we have continued to play games to support listening skills and auditory memory. Lola we explored some games using our visual memory. Theses skills help us to build our long term memory. 

The children wanted to make kites and we extended this into making parachutes for our mini me's and people. 

Next week our focus will be;

- positional language - understanding and using words such as in front, next to, behind, on top.

- number 1 - making a number story

- Phonics we will be listening to sounds using auditory memory to remember sequence.

- We will also be making toast for snack to help with sequencing. 

Week beginning 18th January


The children have been really interested and involved in transporting, emptying and filling. We have followed this interest in a variety of ways with them exploring how to move different materials and objects. How can they move them? What can they use? The children have had to lots of predicting and problem solving.

In Maths we made a story about number 1. The children showed great knowledge about number 1. They showed they could predict what number comes before and after, what other numbers use a 1, what body parts we only had 1 of and some knew it can be an age and you can get a 1p coin. Great thinking about the number 1.

Jack helped us explore another story about being kind, we have also been exploring what is the same about us making us have a connection and what is different. It's good to have things the same and it's good to be unique and different and we should celebrate it all.

We are really trying to support some independence with the children. There are many skills they need to be able to do before going to school. It would be could to provide a consistent approach at home so we are preparing them for school. Can we encourage children to try and put coats and shoes on themselves, wiping after toileting, blowing noses and putting food waste in the bin. We will continue to support this at Nursery and we know it is hard when you are busy at home but it will really support them for school.

Next week we will focus on;

- Number 2 - Making a story about 2.

- Recognising that anything can be counted not just objects.

- Keeping a steady beat in Phonics and listening to beats in words.

- Being responsible.

Week beginning 25th January


We have explored everything 2 this week and thought about what we have two of, sums that make 2, numbers with 2 in them. They had so many ideas to share. We have been practicing with tools in finger gym using items such as tweezers and hole punchers. It will help them develop their fine motor skills which is important for mark making and writing. We have been listening to syllables or beats in names. We explored a story called Tanka, tanka skunk which helped us count beats of animal names but also to copy and keep a beat. We are focusing on supporting the children's independence skills as they are need these to be school ready. Try supporting this at home make it fun with challenges. 

Next week we will focus on;

- National storytelling week - explore popular stories. 

- Number of the week - 3

- Collecting data - what does it tell us and why do we do it

- Continue with keeping a beat. 

- ribbon dancing - crossing the mid-line. 


Week beginning 1st February


National storytelling week has meant we have explored many stories and tried to make up our own using the story stone. We went on a bare foot trail to find a bear hunt. The children have really enjoyed ribbon dancing, following the instructions and moving the ribbon to the music. We will continue to work on the lazy 8 to support them crossing the mid-line. We have been busy voting on many different questions to look at why we gather data. We voted on what pets we have, our favourite chocolate, favourite tv character and books. Constructing on a large scale has been an interest this week with them building homes. 

Next week our focus will be:

- Number of the week - 4

- Ordering height and length

- exploring origami in finger gym.

- Chinese New Year 

- Valentine's Day 

Week beginning 8th February

This week has been a different week with us isolating at home. We hoped you have enjoyed the fun videos to support learning this week. We have enjoyed watching your video's and can see you all really enjoyed our finger gym activity. Great work with your fine motor skills. 

Have a lovely half term. 

When we return we will be focussing on;

- comparing groups and recognising when we have the same

- Visual memory with Lola games.

- Introducing and exploring rhyming strings.


Week beginning 22nd February


Welcome back everyone it was lovely to see you all and the children seemed very happy to be back. We have been focussing on physical development such as games that support ore muscles and hand eye coordination. These are all really important to support them to be great writers when they start school. We have been thinking about words that sound similar when making our silly soup. 

We introduced some new snake figures which have been popular and sparked an interest in snakes. We will continue this next week. 

Next week is world book day on Thursday 4th March, children are welcome to dress up. Please don't feel the need to buy anything home made costumes are great. Please can we ask they be easy for children to wear and move around and dress and undress in. No accessories please, these will get lost and we would like to limit things being bought into nursery at this time. Why not share your favourite story on tapestry with us by uploading a picture of your favourite book. 

Next week we will focus on;

- story telling

- less and more when comparing groups of objects

- continue with rhyming string

- Introduce the Easter story.  

Week Beginning 1st March

It has been a different week but we hope you have enjoyed the content we have provided at home. It was great to see you join in with world book day. We look forward to welcoming you all back next week.

Next week we will be focussing on;

- Science week

- Rhyming strings

- estimating and checking answers by counting.

- Being healthy - looking at washing hands and why it's important. 


Week Beginning 8th March

It was great to welcome everyone back and meet some new faces. It was science week and we have had a great week exploring what happens to salt when we add drops of food colouring. We have been investigating lots of diferent inventions thinking why were they made, what do we use them for? It inspired some of us to get very creative in the role play area using loose parts to make our own inventions. 

We have been thinking about why are Mother's are special to us and made mother's day cards. 

We have been supporting children's physical skills to develop the movement and strength they will need later on for writing. We have explored hitting tennis balls in tights, throwing small hoops through big hoops and more activities involving hand-eye coordination. 

We have introduced a cat scratch post to the small world area which has been a big hit with the children exploring their imaginative play with all the different levels and all the different resources they can use with it. 


Next week we will focus on;

- Rhyming strings

- The Easter story

- Counting on from a given amount.

- 1:1 counting

- Exploring a book called Journey.  

Week beginning 15th March


We have had a great time exploring and decorating boxes this week. They have been used as boats to go fishing, cars, trains and even sleepover beds!
We have been very interested in our bodies, playing doctors and exploring what parts of our body do as well as putting together our own skeletons bones. Some of us have even started to explore dinosaur bones and been on a bone hunt.
We've been getting our bodies active having races outside, a favourite being the egg and spoon race!
We have been exploring flowers, creating representations of our own flowers, dissecting them to explore them further and using them to create some wonderful perfumes.

In adult led activities we have focused on counting on from a given number and exploring rhyme. We have also begun to think about being healthy. 

Next week our focus will be;

- Supporting children's next steps in maths 

- Continue to explore rhyming strings

- Being healthy - how can we look after our bodies.

- Easter story and making Easter biscuits. 

- Lola will help us with our listening skills when following instructions. 


Week beginning 22nd March


We have had a focus on being responsible this week as unfortunately we have not been very responsible with our resources and had a few breakages. We have thought about how we can be responsible, how we should use our resources and what we should do when we have finished with them. We also thought about how it makes the teachers and other children feel when they get broken. We explored emotions sad, disappointed, cross and angry.

We have explored mark makings in lots of different ways using lots of physical movement such as stretching, pulling and pushing. 

We have explored the Easter story which did spark lots questions about death we have tried to cover this subject sensitively. 

Next week for Easter we will have two Easter egg hunts with the children where they will receive a chocolate Easter lolly at the end. If you would not like your child to have this can you please discuss with staff or put in communication book on tapestry. 


Don't forget school is closed on Friday 2nd April as it is Good Friday bank holiday. 


Next week we will focus on;

- Supporting children with any next steps in maths

- Continue to explore how to be healthy

- Making up our own rhymes with some puppet friends.

- Easter story - with Messy Church on Thursday.

Week beginning 19th April


We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and were able to start enjoying some lifting of restrictions. We have introduced caterpillars to meadow class this week. We will be watching them grow and learn about their life cycle. The children have named them Holly, Polly, Rosie, Butterfly and Spotty. 

This week we have been interested in measuring and pouring and filling so we have introduced the large measuring cylinders to explore with water. 

We have starting think of the sounds we can hear at the beginning of words and see if we can think of other objects beginning with that sound. We had fun with Lola exploring her favourite sweets and working on our visual memory. 

Next week we focus on;

- Continue exploring the beginning sounds of objects.

- Comparing and ordering by weight

- being kind to living things and helping living things to grow

- Building core strength to support with school readiness. 

Week beginning 26th April


This week we have been busy planting vegetables. Some needed to be planted and kept indoors and some we could plant straight into our outdoor planting box. We can't wait to see if they grow. The caterpillars are getting very big and the children are very eager for them to make their cocoons, we think it won't be long now. 

Weight has been one of our new learning experiences this week. We have been introducing words such as heavy, light, lightest, heaviest and investigating in many fun ways. We will continue this next week, exploring and comparing weight. 

Wheelbarrow races have been great fun and really helped to strengthen our core muscles. On Friday we took part in the mile for England challenge with school. We ran around the school field 10 times which is roughly a mile. The children were fantastic and so proud of themselves. 

Next week we will focus on;

  • hearing sounds in words.
  • listening to environmental sounds.
  • comparing weight and height.
  • physical skills or throwing to support fine and gross motor skills. 

Week beginning 3rd May


We hope you all enjoyed your extended weekend. It has been another busy week with some very interesting visitors to meadow class. This week the guinea pigs Snowball and Bean came to see us and we thought about how we can best care for them and any pet you may have at home. The children loved feeding and touching them and were very sad that we could only have them for the day. 

This week we have followed children's schema of trajectory to support their fine and gross motor skills. We have been throwing coins into baskets and jars, flying airplanes and throwing bean bags through hoops. This all supports hand eye coordination and skills they need to build to help them when they go to school and have to learn to write. 

We have continued to explore weight and height, introducing mathematical language such as heavy, light, tall, short and the children made giant me's in class which they then decorated to look like them. 

Next week our focus will be;

- patterns in maths

- listening to sounds we make with our mouths and watching how they move.

- visual memory games to build long term memory

- conflict resolution

Week beginning 10th May

This week we have used Jigsaw Jeanie to help us with conflict resolution and what we can do to be a kind friend. We have shared the story hands are not hitting with Jigsaw Jeanie to help her be a kind friend to her jigsaw friends. The children had some great ideas and show they understand, so we will continue to support them to put it into practice in the classroom. A tip for parents, now you are able to meet others maybe if your children have a disagreement or struggle to share, encourage them to solve the conflict. Ask questions such as what is the problem? how can we solve the problem? Acknowledge how they may be feeling and get them to think about how their friend is feeling. 

In Maths we have been exploring number 3 and thinking what do we know about three, it seems lots of children have a three wheeled scooter. We also have explored repeating patterns looking at different patterns we may see in our environment. 

Our role play area has become a shop/cafe this week with them selling cakes,  flapjacks, ice cream, teddy bears and lots of other exciting things. We have seen great imagination skills as they have used carpet samples at cakes and flapjacks. 

On Butterfly watch we still just have cocoons but they will have been inside for two weeks on the weekend so we are hopeful for butterflies next week. We are concerned that two of our cocoons look a little unhealthy so we may only get three butterflies.

Next week we will focus on;

- Continue to support relationships, being kind and resolving conflict.

- In maths we will look at number 4 and what do we know about 4.

- Explore numbers 0-10 and beyond.

- Mouth movements and voice sounds - how we move our mouths and the sounds we can make to represent objects, animals and actions.

Week beginning 17th May


We have butterflies, we had three butterflies from our five caterpillars. We explored why the other caterpillars may not have made it. The children let the butterflies go on Monday and we watched them flutter around before flying off. 

The children have been making music and putting a show for the class. They have been singing some classic songs and making up some of their own. 

We have focused on friendship and how to be a kind friend. We have explored a story about four fantastic friends and thought about what made them such great friends. 

Maths we have thought about numebr 4 and what do we know about four, ideas we had were cars have four wheels, if you have 2 and 2 you have 4, a lot of children in Meadow class are 4, many of us have four in our families. Great thinking. 

Next week we will focus on;

- Number of the week 5

- Comparing groups fidning one more or one less

- Supporitng 1:1 counting to 5/10

- Listening to how words are made up of sounds with Metal Mike

- Words can be hurt but also be kind. 


Week beginning 7th June


The children were so excited to be back and loved sharing their news with everyone. We have a new climbing frame which everyone has enjoyed and the large sand pit is now open. This week we found bones in the sand pit and the children had lots of ideas about who the bones and it caused great discussions.This term we have introduced a sound of week. This week we explored 's' and thought about what we could find in Meadow class that begins with this sound. We had great thinkadactyls who had so many ideas. In maths we are creating number stories about our number of the week, we are trying to share all our knowledge about numbers. This week was number 6 and we had great ideas such as an ant has 6 legs, a dice has six sides, 3 and 3 make 6, some of the class have siblings who are 6, 5 is one less than 5 and 7 is one more. 

We have enjoyed selling ice creams in our ice cream shop, Mrs Clarke made ice cream mixture from cornflour and conditioner. Why not try this at home?

Next week we will be learning about;

- sound of the week 'a'

- number of the week 7

- exploring the human body - looking at our insides.

- finger gym to focus on fine motor skills

Week beginning 21st September


This week was cut short, we thank you all for being understanding and supporting us to keep everyone safe. We hope our learning videos have helped to support any home learning you want to explore at home. Thanks for feedback and videos, it is lovely to see what the children have been up to. 

Next week we will provide videos for;

- sound of the week 't'

- number of the week 8

- Finger gym to support fine motor skills

- sports week activities to practice 

- focus on story telling so ideas to support

- Relax kids - helping children relax and explore their imagination



Together we inspire, through our Christian values, unique individuals who believe they can achieve more than they ever thought possible in mind, body and spirit. Through nurture and challenge, we provide a firm foundation to enable all to thrive, to lead and serve in their life long journey as local, national and global citizens.