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Our learning this week

Week beginning 16th March


In these very uncertain times we would like to celebrate how well the children have accepted the new hygiene methods in Meadow class and I feel they are now experts at washing hands. Mrs Clarke demonstrated how germs spread by sneezing glitter onto her hands and showing what happens if she doesn't want the glitter germs off. The children found this very useful as it was so visual and it encouraged lots of talk about how we can keep healthy.

We tried to keep spirits up by having a little birthday party on Thursday as we know some children were upset that parties had been cancelled and they won't be celebrating their birthday as they usually would.

Maths we focused on comparing two groups and identifying when we had the same, we also introduced mathematical language more and less. Phonic awareness we began sound talking and we also played fun listening and attention games with Lola.


We will not be updating this page during our shutdown period but please keep updated through parentpay emails and the fun videos we will be posting on Tapestry. Every week I will put a maths and communication/phonics activity up that you can do at home. We will also record us sharing some of the children's' favourite stories so they can watch and still see our faces. Don't forget to check out our useful web links page.

We wish all our families the best, stay safe and healthy. We are braver and stronger than we will ever know. Keep playing, exploring and growing those young minds but most of all make the most of this precious family time to care and love. Look after each other.

Week beginning 9th March


Science week has been so much fun. We have looked at our diverse planet in many ways, introducing what Earth looks like from space, introducing the different types of areas on planet Earth from the oceans to the rainforest to the desert. We thought about what animals we may find in these different parts of the planet and why. We explored the rainbow of happiness and how are Rainbows made, we made lots of different Rainbow pictures using different materials and media. We also conducted our own science experiment following our interest in Lava, we made our own volcano which had an eruption of Lava.

Eddie the Alien also came to visit us in his glass jar, he belongs to one of our friends who kindly bought him in to share. It got us thinking about Aliens and how they look different to us. We also thought about how we are all unique and different.

In maths we are still comparing height and have been making giant me's to measure and decorate. We have also thought about number 8 and discovered that spiders and octopus have 8 legs.

We have explored the bible story of Easter and what Christians believed happened to Jesus. The children have had some good thoughts about how Jesus was kind and showed courage. Some children decided they would like superhero powers like Jesus.


Next week we will focus on;

  • Introducing number 9. What number comes before and after? How can we show 9 with our hands.
  • We will also introduce comparing two groups and introducing mathematical language such as the same, fewer and more.
  • We will continue to support listening and attention skills through games and using listening Lola.
  • We will begin explore sounding out words through simple games and songs. 


Week beginning 2nd March


This week we have been measuring ourselves and talking about who is the tallest and shortest. We have also compared animals to see if we can sort them in height order. Mrs Clarke introduced a new game called noisy neighbour to help us with discriminating sounds. The children engaged with this game and used their listening skills to help them identify the sounds.

It was great to see all the different characters on World book day and listen to favourite our stories. Someone kept stealing our underpants from the washing line and the children found some footprints that they thought belonged to Aliens. This sparked some great learning about footprint shapes, what do aliens look like, where do they live, what do they smell like? The children drew pictures of them and a map to help them find them. We didn't solve the mystery of where they were hiding but we thought we could set a trap and see if we can catch one.


Next week we will focus on;

  • Continuing to order height.
  • It is science week so we will be exploring our diverse planet through many different activities.
  • Being healthy and looking after ourselves by looking at the importance of hand washing.
  • Continue to support listening skills and remembering sounds through games with Lola.

Week beginning 24th February


Welcome back after half term break, it sounds like the children had a good break. We started of the week gathering data so Mrs Clarke could go shopping for pancake toppings. We voted for our favourite topping and we spoke about how gathering this data would help Mrs Clarke when she went shopping. On Tuesday we weighed out our ingredients and made pancakes. We had pancake races and tossing competitions but the best bit was eating the pancakes.

The role play area has become a salon following the children's interests, we have had mark making happening by writing in the appointment book, maths with talking about money and great imagination skills whilst role playing.

Lola has been helping us practice being quiet and listening to instructions in the game dead leopards.

Don't forget World Book day on Thursday so we invite all the children to dress up with us as a favourite book character.

Next week our focus will be;

  • Number of the week number 7
  • Ordering height
  • Testing our visual memory with Lola 
  • Keeping a steady beat.

Week beginning 10th February


The children have shown an interest in the worms outside. we have been on worm hunts and made a wormery. It has also given us a talking point about how to care for them and be kind to them as they are living things.

There has been a lot of interest in play fighting and being hulk, which we understand is normal for this age but some of the play has been unsafe and children have been hurt. We have been working with them about how can we be safe and looking at Superheroes and what they do. We found out they are kind and good and want to help others. Some children made their own superheroes and made masks and capes. we even tried to turn our mini me's into superheroes.

The children have enjoyed shape bingo this week and trying to match shapes from pictures, names and descriptions.

We have continued with listening to how words are broken down and listening for the beats by clapping or seeing how many times our chin hits our hand when we say a word.


Next term we will focus on;

- Number of the week 6.

- What is data? How can we gather it and what do we use it for?

- Continue exploring beats and using instruments to keep a steady beat.

- How can we be resilient?

Week beginning 3rd February


It has been so much fun exploring different stories this week. We have explored how they are structured and some of us tried writing our own stories.

Following the democratic country we live in, we voted every day for which story we would like to hear and watched the votes being counted and understanding why it is fair that we listen to the story with the most votes.

Tanka, Tanka, Skunk has been the story of the week as this is helping us to listen to beats and clap them. We have started to explore how many beats can we hear in our name.  

Number of the week has been four, we challenged the children to find things in the room that could be related to the number 4.  We had some real thinkadactyls with them finding, carpet squares with four sides, pigs with four legs, the table and chairs have four legs, they could see number four on the clock and one child put two triangles together and made a diamond with four sides and four corners. Great thinking!

Meadow class have been exploring shape and what is a 2D shape. Can we find any in our environment?  

In PE the focus has been to move our bodies in different ways and remember to go to the back of the line. We are seeing an improvement in their listening attention skills which can be hard for them in such a big inviting space.


Next week we will focus on;

  • Number of the week number 5.
  • Continue to explore 2D shapes.
  • Continue to listen to beats and try and keep a steady beat using instruments.
  • What is Valentines Day and who would we like to show how much we care?

Week beginning 27th January


We started the week by sharing the story, My cat likes to hide in boxes, this helped us explore positional language. The children showed great understanding of positional language through various games and in continuous provision when retelling the story with cats and boxes. The children have shown a keen interest in story and we have explored story in many forms this week through number of the week and stories with 3, story maps, story spoons, story dice to help us make our own stories and books.

Lola has been supporting the children to follow instructions in her game this week. Some children could follow two to three instructions in one sentence.

Next week is national story telling week so we will theme much of our continuous provision around story telling and the children's favourite stories.

Our focus next week will be;

  • How are stories structured?
  • Listening to stories with rhyme and repetitive refrains.
  • Number of the week number 4.
  • Exploring 2D shapes.
  • Understand what challenge means.


Week beginning 20th January


It's been a week full of colour, mainly red as we have explored Chinese New year and how they celebrate this festival. We made a Chinese dragon and attempted our own dragon dance which we decided was much harder than it looked.

Number 2 was the number of the week and we thought about what we know currently. Many children could share what we have two of and we introduced a new word explaining what a pair means and when you would use it to mean two.

Responsibility has become a big focus in meadow class as the children need lots of reminding currently about how to look after our resources and how we should use them. A challenge has been given to the children daily having a precious item of Mrs Clarke's to look after and they must return when the timer is up. This gave us a good talking point for how we can be responsible.

Next week we will focus on;

  • Number 3- what do we know about number 3.
  • Explore, understand and use positional language.
  • Explore listening and following instructions wit Lola the listening Leopard.

Week beginning 13th January


A spark in the children's learning this week has been an interest in pirates and sharks. We have followed this through by making our own treasure maps, treasure chests, hunting for treasure and making our own boats. We learnt that there are different types of sharks and what things they like to eat.

Cutting is a keen interest with the children so we practiced this physical skill using knifes this week and cutting fruit and vegetables. We thought about what we could use them for and made lemonade and cut carrots for the wild rabbits.

Hunting and hide and seek also seem to be a spark in their learning so we have used this to hunt tiny number 1's around the class whilst exploring our number of the week. It also made us think about our environment and where else we could see 1.

We have been thinking about how we can represent number, through lines, dots and pictures.

Lola has been helping us work on our visual memory and thinking about how we remember things.

Next week our focus will be;

  • Exploring Chinese New Year - What festivals/events do you celebrate at home? How do you celebrate?
  • Number of the week 2.
  • Matching numeral and quantity.
  • How are we connected? What do we know is the same about us?
  • Exploring the creation story.

Week beginning 6th January


Welcome back, the children have been so keen to tell us all about their festive holidays. It sounds like they all have had a lovely time and we can see they are well rested and ready for term 3. Welcome to all our new children and families, we have been settling new children this week and the children have been so kind and caring and really wanting to help their new friends. Mrs Whittaker has joined as some extra support in some of our busier mornings.  

This week we have revisited Meadow class promise and are rules for being a good listener to help our new friends.

Maths we have been working on our next steps of careful counting, recognising number and making marks to represent number.

Sharks and making models have been the main sparks for our learning this week. we have been using our thinkadactyl skills to plan our models and think about what would be the best tools to use. Some of us have even used the internet to help us research what we are making so we know what we need.

Next week we will focus on;

  • Number 1 - What do we know about number 1? What does it look like?
  • Being kind - What words are kind and unkind - having the words to stand up for yourself.
  • Working on listening skills and our visual memory through games with Listening Lola.
  • Introduce Write dance to support children in making marks ready for writing.

Week beginning 16th December


We are so proud of the children in their performances this week, they showed courage and confidence. We hope you all enjoyed the events, these are great ways to build children's confidence and self esteem.

Meadow Class has been a little elf crazy with Elf hunts, saving elves frozen in Ice and trying to complete Buddy the Elf's challenges from the advent calendar. We have been counting everything to support our 1:1 counting skills. We have also been voting and using marks to represent our vote/number.

We hope the children enjoy their hot chocolate gift and you all have quality time over the festive period. We would like to thank you all for your kind Christmas wishes, messages, cards and gifts. It truly is fulfilling enough supporting your children on their journey but it is appreciated. We will see you all in the New Year, where we will be focusing on;

  • Recapping the class promise and supporting our new friends to understand expectations in Meadow class.
  • How can we make friends and be kind to others?
  • Maths we will be focusing on the children's next steps of 1:1 counting and number recognition.
  • We will introduce some talking tunes games to support listening and attention and language skills.


Merry Christmas to all.


Week beginning 9th December


We would like to congratulate Mrs Quick on her successful interview and becoming a staff member of Meadow Class. She has been with us since September on a casual basis but will now be working three days at the beginning of the week. This is great news for the children who know her well and have built relationships with her.

This week we took part in John Wesley day with the whole school, we learnt about how he travelled around the country on his horse and we created some artwork around the horse. Some children chose to paint horse pictures using horse colours, we had to think about how we would make these colours. We also made a 3D horse from boxes and worked together as a team. In the afternoon we explored all the other classrooms to see what art work they had made from his life story and it gave us some good ideas of things we would like to try in Meadow class.

We have focused on number 6 this week and careful counting. We have also been exploring 2D shapes. We have been practicing our story rhyme for next week and playing games to use our auditory and visual memory.

Next week we will focus on;

  • Careful counting not using objects.
  • Exploring 2D shapes in our environment.
  • Listening and attention games.

Week beginning 2nd December

Meadow Class watched Reception in their dress rehearsal of the nativity. The children were excellent throughout and listened well. We continued to explore the story throughout the week and Reverend Nick shared a new story about the birth of Jesus with us.

Exploring shape and number 5 has been our maths focus and we have been thinking about how can we describe shapes, 4 sides, 4 corners, 2 long sides, 3 points. These are just some of the examples of our ideas.

Next week we will focus on;

  • Number of the week number 6.
  • Games with Lola supporting our auditory memory.
  • Describing 2D shapes.

Week Beginning 25th November


Being responsible has been the theme this week. We have looked at what this word means, how can we be responsible in Meadow Class and how can we be responsible in our community. Great ideas and suggestions from the children with some identifying we need to pick up rubbish and put it in the bin to look after our community. Mrs Clarke set a challenge for each child to look after a small precious item for her whilst they explored and learned in Meadow class. The first time we tried the challenge it was for 5 minutes with only a two children losing their item. Next time we tried 10 minutes and this time 4 children lost their item. We explored safe places you can put items so you can be responsible and find them later on. We will stick with this up until Christmas to help them understand the importance of this key value of the school.

Number 4 was a fun number to explore this week and the children could tell us lots of things related to four such as a table has 4 legs, a square has four sides. We even looked at four sided shapes in the environment and talked about how a square and rectangle are different.

We explored some big questions at the end of the week as we made our advent calendar. Why do we celebrate Christmas? Why does Santa bring presents? Who is Jesus?


Next week we will focus on;

  • Number of the week number 5.
  • Exploring shape in the environment and naming 2D shapes.
  • The nativity story and practicing our Christmas Big sing songs.

Week beginning 18th November


Another busy week seems to have flown by, we have been busy with number this week. The children have shown an interest in exploring number and looking at it in dot formation.

We set a challenge this week of being able to open the padlocks stuck on the numicon by matching the numicon to the numbered keys. Looking at patterns for numbers really helps when number is formed in dot formation and the children enjoyed this challenge. Why not support this at home by playing games with dice and seeing if they can identify the number on the dice.

Number 3 has been our magic number with us exploring it in our environment and reading stories with three. This led us to mixing and pouring, making porridge for the bears and then tea and hot chocolate because they need a drink to wash down their porridge.

We have been exploring new instruments and thinking about how they sound and how we use them. We have used traffic light spots to help us know when it is time to play our instruments and when it is time to stop.

If you would like to know more about how we teach early phonic awareness please read our English tile on the nursery page. It explains all the early work we do before phonics is introduced in the summer term.

Next week we will focus on;

  • Introducing Number 4. What do we know about 4? Can we think of anything with four legs?
  • How can I be responsible? What does this mean?
  • Following instructions with Listening Lola.
  • Exploring the Creation Story and how Christians believe the world began.

Week beginning 11th November


Monday was remembrance day so we reminded the children what we had learnt about this important day through stories and we held a 1 minute silence with the children and they were fantastic.

Noah's Ark is our school story and we have been exploring this with the children. They have been keen to explore the story in their role play and retell the story.

Number has been a big focus, we went on a hunt for number two and thought of things we had two of with some interesting ideas.

Exploring sounds and thinking about which is the odd one out has been a concept we have explored and will continue this to support our phonics awareness.


Next week we will focus on;

  • Exploring number of the week, number 3.
  • Continuing exploring sounds with identifying the odd one out and listening to what sounds different instruments makes.
  • What are we good at? What makes us proud and how does this feel?
  • supporting careful counting.

Week Beginning 4th November


Welcome back after half term, the children had so much news to share it was great listening to everything they have done over the half term break.

We have been looking at celebrations and how we celebrate. We started by exploring fire safety with Bonfire night on Tuesday. The children showed good knowledge around fire and how to be safe. We acted out our own campfire role play and even pretended to toast some marshmallows.

This week we have explored sounds and even though some sounds don't sound the same they can be grouped together for example musical instruments, vehicles, animals etc. They have shown good understanding with such a complex idea and we will continue to explore the different sounds we may here.

Number of the week has started and we have explored number 1. What does it look like? What other numbers might you see it in? What does it look like on a dice? We ended with a number one hunt around the classroom.

Fish and fishing rods have been a popular interest with the children and we ended the week with out own under the sea role play where we had sharks, mermaids and fish.


Next week we will focus on;

- Number of the week, number 2.

- How are we the same? Looking for connections.

- Environmental sounds and Listening Lola activities.

Week beginning 21st October


It's been a long term and the children have done so well settling into their new environment and making new friends.

As Halloween and Diwali are being celebrated over the half term holiday we introduced some aspects of these events. The children explored Rangoli patterns and making diva lamps and lanterns. We shared the  Diwali story which some children really enjoyed and acting out in their role play, making props to help them.

Pumpkins were introduced and we explored them in many ways with us hammering golf tees in to them and cutting them up and making pumpkin soup. The children's choice of ingredients were interesting but they had show good logic. We have spoken about how to stay safe if they go trick or treating and should be able to tell their adults which houses are ok to knock on. Spookley the square Pumpkin shared his story about being unique and different and celebrating that with the children.

Next term we will introduce PE in the school hall on Tuesday mornings.

Please enjoy your half term break, we can't wait to hear about it.


Next term we will focus on;

  • Introducing number of the week - exploring these numbers and thinking deeper.
  • Careful counting objects, claps, steps 1:1 up to 5 and then 10.
  • distinguishing between different sounds.
  • Support the children's self esteem and confidence.

Week beginning 14th October


This week the children have shown an interest in the big bad wolf and the three little pigs. we have looked at can we build houses with straw and sticks or are bricks best? Some of us then role played the story. We have also been using the big bad wolf to help us with our counting by playing what's the time Mr Wolf.

We also went on a bus adventure to many different places.

Sound lotto and Mrs Clarke's box have been games to explore sounds. We have had to listen carefully and think what we need to do so we can be a good listener. Some of the sounds were tricky and we are going to keep practicing listening to sounds next week to help us distinguish different sounds.

We have been talking about how we feel and looking at different emotions, thinking what can make us feel like this. The children shared some interesting ideas and showed they understand emotions. The next step is to get them to understand how to control their behaviour when experiencing different emotions.


Please can we remind parents that grapes need to be cut in half lengthways when they are in their lunchboxes.


Next week we will focus on;

  • How can we be a good listener - distinguish between different sounds.
  • Looking at 2D shapes and exploring their names.
  • What makes us unique. Celebrate similarities and differences.

Week beginning 7th October


It's been a wet week with this weather but the children have enjoyed exploring the puddles. The children have enjoyed exploring the story of The Gingerbread Man, this story is great for repetition. We have retold the story in our own words using, playdough, story spoons, role play figures and story maps.

We made Gingerbread men using playdough, cardboard and then we used real ingredients to explore the taste of Gingerbread. Some of the children were worried that the Gingerbread men may run out of the oven like in the story so they had a good idea that all the windows and doors need to be kept closed. What great Thinkodactyls.

We have been exploring number by hiding it and looking at different numbers all around us. We will continue to support children with number recognition.

This term there is a big focus for us to support the children's personal, social and emotional development. We have been using Jigsaw Jeanie to think about how to be kind and responsible and how our friends may feel when we act in certain ways. We will be continuing this until the end of half term as we really want to support the children's understanding with these lifelong skills.

If you have any copies of family photos that you could bring in to help us make a meadow class family scrap book that would be appreciated. We can photocopy photos for you.

Focus weeks have begun, we will send a letter home the week before to let you know when your child's focus week will be. This is a time for children to share special things from home. Can we encourage children to only bring in things to share on their focus week.


Next week we will focus on;

  • More fun games exploring number and supporting number ordering and recognition.
  • We will be exploring different sound in our Early phonics awareness programme. What sounds can I hear? How are they different?
  • How do we feel? We will be exploring emotions both positive and negative. when have you felt like this?

Week Beginning 30th September


We have been busy celebrating birthdays over the last few weeks so the children have been very interested in talking about birthdays, giving presents and making cakes. There have been lots of visitors in Nursery this week, Luna the school dog and Snowball and Bean the guinea pigs came to meet us. We have started exploring the wider school in small groups and will continue this next week.

Our main focus this week has been on being kind as the children are feeling more comfortable and settled now and we have had a few incidents where children are struggling to make good choices and be able to take turns and share. This is all age appropriate behaviour and this will be a focus for the coming weeks to support their understanding of behaviours and how it can effect others.

Lola visited us in a hot air balloon this week and we had fun helping her fly around the class without making any noise. She also bought us a present which was very excited and supporting our listening and attention skills.


Next week our focus will be;

  • Number recognition - fun games to explore number and matching numeral and quantity.
  • Exploring what makes a kind, responsible person with Jigsaw Jeanie.
  • Lola will be back with more fun games to support our listening and attention skills

Week beginning 23rd September


We would like to Goodbye and Good Luck to Miss Heron we have enjoyed supporting you through your apprenticeship. This week we have focused on our class promise, we introduced our class bee and spoke about behaviours that would mean we have a happy environment in Meadow Class. Our class promise is to, Be Safe, Be Responsibly, Be a good listener and Be kind. We have explored each of these promises and talked about what being responsible, kind and safe might look like. We have introduced the Rainbow if Happiness and explained this is where we can celebrate the positive behaviours we see in class. If your child comes home talking about the Rainbow it is a positive, visual reinforcement we use.


Counting in order to 10 and recognition of number has been the focus with Maths and we have used songs and moving in different ways to explore this at our adult led time. Finger Gym has been introduced, we have explored why it is important to move our finger, hand and shoulder muscles, this week we have used playdough to help us twist, pinch, pat, squeeze and roll. These are very important early skills needed for learning to write and hold  a pencil correctly.


Next week our focus will be;

  • Recapping our Class promise and thinking how we can be kind and responsible.
  • Getting to know you - exploring who we live with, who has pets, what do we like.
  • Careful counting - counting everything to make sure we think and look at what we are counting.
  • Playing more games with Lola to help us focus on being a good listener.

Week beginning 16th September


We would like to give a warm welcome to Mrs Quick and Mrs Wilcock who have joined our team. We have had some very tired children this week now they have settled in to their sessions, we have also had a few tears. Please do not worry, we understand that as a parent this can be very upsetting but once you have left the children settle very quickly. This week is the realisation that they have to do this all the time and novelty is wearing off.

We have had a big focus on number and shape this week as Mrs Clarke is carrying out the maths assessments. We have explored maths in lots of fun and different ways.

This week we explored, We're going on a bear hunt. This story is great for rhythm and repetition and we have told the story in many different ways using lots of different resources. It has been great to push their imagination and get them thinking about what we would need to go on a bear hunt.

Early years curriculum is all about making learning fun and interesting through play and we do use a mot of messy resources to create curious minds. This may mean they do come home messy but this shows they have been very busy learning and exploring. Old clothes or clothes you don't mind getting messy and stained are what we advise for Nursery. If you are interested please read this article on messy play.

Next week we will focus on;

  • Listening and attention skills by playing games with Lola the listening Leopard
  • Jigsaw Jeanie will help us think how we can make friends and be a good friend in Meadow class.
  • We will explore the school and show the children some areas we will use throughout the year.
  • We will be focusing on counting to 10 and beyond, with emphasis on careful counting.

Week beginning 9th September


We would like to welcome all the new and returning children to Meadow class. We have had a very successful settling week with children gradually increasing hours throughout the week. Children have seemed happy, engaged and eager to explore their environment.

We have been introducing the expectations and rules and recapped them every day. We have introduced Jigsaw Jeanie and Listening Lola to the children, they are very important members of Meadow class and support us in our learning.

We are looking forward to an exciting year.


Together we inspire, through our Christian values, unique individuals who believe they can achieve more than they ever thought possible in mind, body and spirit. Through nurture and challenge, we provide a firm foundation to enable all to thrive, to lead and serve in their life long journey as local, national and global citizens.