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Our learning this week

Week Beginning 6th September


Children have began their settling sessions and it great to meet them and learn about their interests and see how best to support them in Meadow class. Although there have been a few tears most children have settled well and are keen to explore both indoor and outdoor environments. This week the focus is to support your children to settle and help them to build relationships with adults and children. We will introduce our listening rules to help them be a good listener. 

We will give a weekly update here on the website of our learning this week. 

Week Beginning 13th September


We have introduced some of our friends who help us learn in Meadow Class. This week the children have met Lola the listening Leopard who supports us with our listening and attention and Jigsaw Jeanie who helps us with our Personal, social and emotional development. The children responded well to them and have really enjoyed meeting them and introducing themselves. We played a game with Jigsaw Jeanie to help learn everyone's name. Lola challeneged the children to find their whisper voice and whisper their name to her. We explored a game challenging us to move keys as quietly as we can so we don't scare Lola. 

Children are settling in well and we will keep exploring the boundaries and expectations with them. 

Next week we will focus on;

  • Listening and attention activities with Lola.
  • being unique but belonging to a family with Jigsaw Jeanie
  • maths focus is knowing routine and being able to sequence routine. 
  • exploring expectations in Meadow Class
  • Introducing Finger gym to support our fine motor skills. 

Week Beginning 20th September


As Nursery becomes a reality, don't be suprised if some children have a wobble. New expectations, new routine and environment can be a lot for them to take in and the reality of they have to do this all the time can make it overwhelming. 

Toilet accidents will happen whislt they are getting to know the environment and staff. We take them at regular intervals as some children are so engrossed in play they just forget or do not want to leave the activity. We will keep supporting the children until they feel more independent. 

We have explored with Jigsaw Jeanie what we use our hands for with the book "Hands are not for hitting." We have also explored Jigsaw Jeanie's favourite toys, we looked at who else had these at home and how we have things that are the same and things that are different as we are all unique. We looked at how we all have a family at home we belong to but we now also belong to the Meadow Class family. 

Next Week we will focus on;

  • Maths - introducing number of the term -1 and shape of term - Circle
  • Phonics - listening walks - describing what we can hear. 
  • PSED - We will be learning all about us - How are we the same and how are we different. 

Week beginning 27th October


The children are beginning to show good understanding of the expectations in Meadow class. We ahve been working on how to be a good listener with good looking, good listening, good sitting, lips closed and thumbs up and waiting if we want to share. Waiting is the hardest skill to learn but some of them are showing great understanding. 

We have been getting to know each other and sharing things with Jigsaw jeanie. The children were digging for fossils and then in the afternoon we made our own fossils to hide in the sand. 

We have been exploring number and shape of the term, we focus on these as we dig deep into the children's learning and get to know everything we can about the number and shape so they have secure understanding. 

In phonics we have been listening to sounds in the environment and talking about what we can hear. Maybe you could go for a listening walk. 


Next week our focus is;

  • Number and shape of the term
  • sorting objects into colour, shape, size 
  • distinguishing between different sounds. 
  • Learning about Harvest with jack in the Box
  • Lola wwill be supporting us with listening and attention

Week beginning 4th October 


Thank you so much for all your generous donations for Harvest, these were passed on to teh Food Bank who are extremely grateful. We explored Harvest with Jack in the Box and why we were donating to the Food bank.

We have been busy sorting this week by colour and size and the children have shown great skill and understanding. We will dive deeper nect week into the concept of sorting. Number of the week, we explored making a number story about 1. We gathered information form the children, asking them what can they tell us about one. 

We have enjoyed We're going on a bear hunt so much that we did a bear foot trail in paint along to the story. We have also been learning our poem of the month. We will upload this to tapestry so they can practice at home.

Wednesday we had the new guinea pigs Pip and Peggy come to visit for the day. We had to be gentle showing good listenaraptor skills so we could handle them and feed them. 


Next week we will focus on;

- sorting objects into catergories, such as cars, trains, dinosaurs, animals

- continue to distinguish between different sounds

- understand the importance of sharing and turn taking with jigsaw Jeanie

- Jigsaw Jeanie will also help us develop our class promise so we know what is expected in Meadow Class. 

- Continue with our Number 1 story. 

Week beginning 11th October


Another busy week, we have continued to support the children with how to be kind friends and be responsible. Mrs Stacey and Mrs Clarke roleplayed sharing to the children to see if they could think of what they should do in this situation. 

The children have shown great memory skills in games and learning our poem. We have been creating actions to go along with our poem to help us remember.

We have been exploring the story of Noah's Ark with Jack in the box, the children have also been exploring the story with our wooden props during continuous provision. We ended the week with a cooking activity where the children explored ingredients needed to make banana muffins. They were very excited to take home what they had made.


Next week we will focus on;

- Phonics - how sound can be used in stories to help them come alive. 

- Lola will help us with our listening and attention skills.

- maths - we look at sequencing and routine.



Week beginning 18th October


First term is over and we have seen real progress with the children. This term we have been really focusing on children's Personal, social and emotional development. We have explored stories, used role play and had adult led groups to explore aspects of sharing, being a kind friend, being responsible, using your words to get wants and needs met. We will continue to support them into term 2. Cycle tots visited us on Tuesday to run a taster session on balance bikes. The children really enjoyed this half hour session and were very pleased with their certificates. 

We have been looking at sequencing routine and putting them in order left to right, this will continue next term. 

We have explored pumpkins in lots of different ways using hammers and golf tees, using them as cauldrons to make potions and scraping out the inside to see what it looks like. 

We hope you all have a restful and fun half term. Monday 1st November is an Inset day so we will see you on Tuesday 2nd November. 


After half term we will focus on;

- number of the term - 2

- shape of the term - triangle

- completeing an abab pattern

- tuning into sounds in phonics


Together we inspire, through our Christian values, unique individuals who believe they can achieve more than they ever thought possible in mind, body and spirit. Through nurture and challenge, we provide a firm foundation to enable all to thrive, to lead and serve in their life long journey as local, national and global citizens.