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Our learning this week

Week Beginning 6th September


Children have began their settling sessions and it great to meet them and learn about their interests and see how best to support them in Meadow class. Although there have been a few tears most children have settled well and are keen to explore both indoor and outdoor environments. This week the focus is to support your children to settle and help them to build relationships with adults and children. We will introduce our listening rules to help them be a good listener. 

We will give a weekly update here on the website of our learning this week. 

Week Beginning 13th September


We have introduced some of our friends who help us learn in Meadow Class. This week the children have met Lola the listening Leopard who supports us with our listening and attention and Jigsaw Jeanie who helps us with our Personal, social and emotional development. The children responded well to them and have really enjoyed meeting them and introducing themselves. We played a game with Jigsaw Jeanie to help learn everyone's name. Lola challeneged the children to find their whisper voice and whisper their name to her. We explored a game challenging us to move keys as quietly as we can so we don't scare Lola. 

Children are settling in well and we will keep exploring the boundaries and expectations with them. 

Next week we will focus on;

  • Listening and attention activities with Lola.
  • being unique but belonging to a family with Jigsaw Jeanie
  • maths focus is knowing routine and being able to sequence routine. 
  • exploring expectations in Meadow Class
  • Introducing Finger gym to support our fine motor skills. 

Week Beginning 20th September


As Nursery becomes a reality, don't be suprised if some children have a wobble. New expectations, new routine and environment can be a lot for them to take in and the reality of they have to do this all the time can make it overwhelming. 

Toilet accidents will happen whislt they are getting to know the environment and staff. We take them at regular intervals as some children are so engrossed in play they just forget or do not want to leave the activity. We will keep supporting the children until they feel more independent. 

We have explored with Jigsaw Jeanie what we use our hands for with the book "Hands are not for hitting." We have also explored Jigsaw Jeanie's favourite toys, we looked at who else had these at home and how we have things that are the same and things that are different as we are all unique. We looked at how we all have a family at home we belong to but we now also belong to the Meadow Class family. 

Next Week we will focus on;

  • Maths - introducing number of the term -1 and shape of term - Circle
  • Phonics - listening walks - describing what we can hear. 
  • PSED - We will be learning all about us - How are we the same and how are we different. 

Week beginning 27th October


The children are beginning to show good understanding of the expectations in Meadow class. We ahve been working on how to be a good listener with good looking, good listening, good sitting, lips closed and thumbs up and waiting if we want to share. Waiting is the hardest skill to learn but some of them are showing great understanding. 

We have been getting to know each other and sharing things with Jigsaw jeanie. The children were digging for fossils and then in the afternoon we made our own fossils to hide in the sand. 

We have been exploring number and shape of the term, we focus on these as we dig deep into the children's learning and get to know everything we can about the number and shape so they have secure understanding. 

In phonics we have been listening to sounds in the environment and talking about what we can hear. Maybe you could go for a listening walk. 


Next week our focus is;

  • Number and shape of the term
  • sorting objects into colour, shape, size 
  • distinguishing between different sounds. 
  • Learning about Harvest with jack in the Box
  • Lola wwill be supporting us with listening and attention

Week beginning 4th October 


Thank you so much for all your generous donations for Harvest, these were passed on to teh Food Bank who are extremely grateful. We explored Harvest with Jack in the Box and why we were donating to the Food bank.

We have been busy sorting this week by colour and size and the children have shown great skill and understanding. We will dive deeper nect week into the concept of sorting. Number of the week, we explored making a number story about 1. We gathered information form the children, asking them what can they tell us about one. 

We have enjoyed We're going on a bear hunt so much that we did a bear foot trail in paint along to the story. We have also been learning our poem of the month. We will upload this to tapestry so they can practice at home.

Wednesday we had the new guinea pigs Pip and Peggy come to visit for the day. We had to be gentle showing good listenaraptor skills so we could handle them and feed them. 


Next week we will focus on;

- sorting objects into catergories, such as cars, trains, dinosaurs, animals

- continue to distinguish between different sounds

- understand the importance of sharing and turn taking with jigsaw Jeanie

- Jigsaw Jeanie will also help us develop our class promise so we know what is expected in Meadow Class. 

- Continue with our Number 1 story. 

Week beginning 11th October


Another busy week, we have continued to support the children with how to be kind friends and be responsible. Mrs Stacey and Mrs Clarke roleplayed sharing to the children to see if they could think of what they should do in this situation. 

The children have shown great memory skills in games and learning our poem. We have been creating actions to go along with our poem to help us remember.

We have been exploring the story of Noah's Ark with Jack in the box, the children have also been exploring the story with our wooden props during continuous provision. We ended the week with a cooking activity where the children explored ingredients needed to make banana muffins. They were very excited to take home what they had made.


Next week we will focus on;

- Phonics - how sound can be used in stories to help them come alive. 

- Lola will help us with our listening and attention skills.

- maths - we look at sequencing and routine.



Week beginning 18th October


First term is over and we have seen real progress with the children. This term we have been really focusing on children's Personal, social and emotional development. We have explored stories, used role play and had adult led groups to explore aspects of sharing, being a kind friend, being responsible, using your words to get wants and needs met. We will continue to support them into term 2. Cycle tots visited us on Tuesday to run a taster session on balance bikes. The children really enjoyed this half hour session and were very pleased with their certificates. 

We have been looking at sequencing routine and putting them in order left to right, this will continue next term. 

We have explored pumpkins in lots of different ways using hammers and golf tees, using them as cauldrons to make potions and scraping out the inside to see what it looks like. 

We hope you all have a restful and fun half term. Monday 1st November is an Inset day so we will see you on Tuesday 2nd November. 


After half term we will focus on;

- number of the term - 2

- shape of the term - triangle

- completeing an abab pattern

- tuning into sounds in phonics

Week beginning 1st November


Welcome back everyone, it has been great to hear the children's news about what they have done over half term and we have had some great conversations encouraging language and promoting turn taking when talking. 

This week we have had lots to learn about and celebrate. We talked about fireworks and how to be safe if you watch fireworks or go to a display. Fireman Craig and Fido the firedog showed them how to be safe with sparklers (though children under 5 should not be using them), he also showed them what to do if their clothes did catch fire. We practiced STOP, DROP and ROLL. 

Jack in the box introduced us to the diwali story of Rama and Sita, the children really enjjoyed this story ad acted it out in continuous provision. We made diva lamps and lanterns and talked about festivals we might celebrate in our homes. 

The children were introduced to an abab pattern with many of them managing the challenge to make their own. We will extend this with children who are confident with this skill. 

Phonics we have been listening to instruments and thinking about what animal we could use them for such as the stciks could be a horse clip clopping along the road, a drum could be a stompy elephant. Lola played a game with us called Lola says, we found this a little tricky and kept following all the actions so will kepp practicing this game. maybe you could do this at home too. 


Next week we will focus on;

 - Remembrance day - why do we remember?

- What makes us different and unique?

-  What are we good at?

- Maths we will continue with pattern

- Phonics we will continue with tuning into sounds.  

Week beginning 8th November


We have been learning about why we remember. We introduced the world wars to the children and how we remember the heroes who fought for us to live how we do now by wearing a poppy. We held a two minute silience and the children were amazing and made us proud. 

We have continued to explore the game Lola says to support understanding, listening and attention. The children have continued to look at repeating patterns and made them using a range of resources from leaves, shells, mulitlink, corks and bottle tops. 

Supporting the children to celebrate what makes them different and unique has been a focus this week. We have thought about what are we good at, what skills to we have. The children shared some great ideas with us such as being good at eating, riding bikes, climbing and many more. 

Next week we will focus on;

- being kind (anti-bullying week) saying kind words.

- comparing length and height in maths

- number and shape of the term

-road safety week

- Nursery rhyme week

- copying sounds we hear with instruments. (phonics)

Week beginning 15th November


It has been a busy week with us focusing on being a kind friend for Anti-bullying week, looking at Road safety and enjoying Nursery rhymes to celebrate Nursery Rhyme week. 

On Friday we talked about Children in Need and why we have this day. We had some interesting answers. 

Lola took us on a shopping trip to help us build good sentences and build our long term memory skills. In Maths we have been measuring and comparing to see if we can order by height aand length. We even made some giant me's. 


Next week we will focus on;

- continuing with comparing length and height

- increasing our memory and listening skills with Grandmothers footsteps

- Introduce writing lettersto Santa/Father Christmas ready to post in our special postbox or even take to the Christmas light switch on. 

- Continue to focus on how to be kind. 

Week beginning 22nd November


We have been busy making marks and cutting out pictures to make letters for Father Christmas/Santa. Every night the Post box has been emptied leading us to believe that maybe the elves or the big man himself has been visiting us. 

We have enjoyed a game called Grandmothers footsteps, we will share this with you for home learning. 

Jack shared the Navity story with us this week to explore why we have Christmas Day and who was Jesus. 

We have been using lots of mathematical language such as taller, shorter, bigger and smaller when comparing. 

We have also been having fun making planes and boats with paper using our finger muscles to fold and press. In finger gym we have been dancing with ribbons to exercise crossing the midline. 


Next week we will focus on;

- In Maths we will explore capacity - using lanaguage of empty and full.

- In phonics we will be matching sounds to build our listening and memory skills.

- we will be exploring the Nativity story and begin practicing a special story for our grown ups.

- PSED - we are focusing on self esteem - what do they see when they look in the mirror. Can they see beyond physical charateristics. 

Week beginning 29th November


What an Elftastic we have had i Meadow Class. Trinty was taken over by Elves on Wednesday, the children seemed a little shocked but we had so much fun. 

Alfie the Elf has joined us in Meadow class and he is helping us countdown to Christmas with chocolate coins. 

We have been exploring language such as, full, empty, more, less and half full. In phonics we have been trying to copy the sound we hear with musical instruments. The children have enjoyed Stickman. We went on a welly walk on the school field to look for sticks to make our own Stickmen. Some children were interested in whittling the sticks so we followed this and taught them how to be safe with the potato peeler. We have begun rehearsing our Christmas event, "We're going on a baby hunt." Keep up the practice at home. 


Next week we will focus on;

- continuing capacity, can you order three jugs by capacity.

- Phonics, we will continue to explore games listening to musical instruments and copying the sound. 

- we will be threading in finger gym, to build our finger muscles.

- making saltdough decorations and Christmas cards. 

Week beginning 6th December


Lots of festive fun with Alfie the Elf, we have had to find him and his friends hiding around Meadow class and see what other tircks he has been up to overnight.

We have been busy practicing for our parents event, We're going on a baby hunt and learning Christmas songs. 

We have continued to explore full, empty, half full, more and less. In Phonics we have been listening to a rhythm and trying to copy it with instruments. We showed great listenraptor skills. 

Our poem this month has made us think of soup and next week we are going to make reindeer soup. The children have decided it will need lots of carrots and vegetables. If you hve any spare we would be grateful of donations. 


Thursday and Friday morning we will be having Christmas parties, your child is welcome to bring one individually wrapped party treat for snack. Please remember we are a nut free school. 


Next week we will focus on;

- Instrumental sounds in phonics

- Recapping maths elements we have learnt this term.

- describing ourselves in positive ways with Jigsaw Jeanie

- performing for our parents


Week beginning 13th December


What a festive week we have had, it has been great fun celebrating with the children. We were very proud of them in the Christmas event of We're going on a baby hunt. This is such a great experience for them to build confidence. 

We had fun at our Christmas parties, playing games and dancing. We even had a special visitor on Friday who delivered a present for Meadow Class. 

We would like to thank you all for your kind Christmas wishes, cards and gifts. We hope you all have a joyful and healthy festive break with your loved ones. 

We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year and meeting some new faces. Even though we will be spread across two classrooms we hope to still see all the children at some point. 


Merry Christmas to all.  

Week beginning 4th January


Welcome back to everyone, it as been lovely to hear all about your Christmas break and sounds like the children had a lovely time with their family.

new children have settled well in both classrooms and children who have moved to Buttercup have settled well showing confidence in exploring their new environment and being good role models to any new children. 

We have been recapping the class expectations to help our new children settle and refresh returning children's memory skills.

This week we have focused on rhythm and following instructions so have used action songs and games with Listening Lola to support us. 

In Maths we have been exploring positional language such as, next to, in front, behind, underneath, on top, inside. We have shared stories and played games where we have had to place things following these instructions or find items following the clues. 


Next week we will focus on;

- Finger gym we will be supporting fine motor skills by squeezing items and opening jars.

- Phonics we will continue to explore rhythm and rhyme. 

- Maths we will continue to explore positional language.

- PSED we will be looking at how to be a kind friend and how to use words to get our wants and needs met. 

Week beginning 10th January


The new children have continued to settle well into both classes. Our story of the week has been The three little pigs and the children have loved the big bad wolf. We have had lots of role play acting out the big bad waolf and setting traps and trip wires to catch up him. 

Some mysterious footprints appeared in Meadow class on Tuesday which led us to investigate different footprints and compare them. We even painted our own feet by painting them and walking over some giat paper. 

In Buttercup they have shown an interest in Pirates so this week have had hiden treasure challenges and made their own maps. 

Jack in the box has been sharing the story Kind Sam with us to help us understand compassion and how to be kind to our friends and new people we meet. 


Next week we will focus on;

- Phonics - Continue to develop awareness of sound and rhythm.

- Maths - represent number using hands

- PSED - Talk about self in positive terms


Week beginning 17th January


Both classes have been busy exploring number songs this week, exploring counting up to 5 and down from 5. The children really enjoy these songs and it's great for them to use hands to represent number. 

We have been exploring our visual memory skills with Lola to support us building our long term memory skills. 

We explored Goldilocks and the three bears and Mrs Clarke taught us the song, we explored making porridge for the bears and thought about what Goldilocks should have done. Some of decided she should of wrote a sorry letter to the bears, which we found out that she did in the story The Jolly Postman. We decided we were going to send the bears some mail and used thee address from The Jolly Postman book. 

Buttercup have shown a keen interest in Superhero play which the team have been using to help them explore different areas of learning. 

Next week we will focus on;

- Subitising up to 3.

- Continue with distinguishing between sounds

- Explore rhyme through story and games. 

- learning about compassion and resilience 


Week beginning 24th January 


It's been a nosiy week with a noisy neighbour making too much noise, the children have enjoyed this game and listening to what they can hear and distinguishing the sounds. They even have been acting it out in the play. 

Buttercup are still going strong with the Superhero theme which they have used to help them subitise this week. Meadow Class have been interested in Monsters and have shown great imagination and ideas when designing their own monsters and giving them names. We have compared our monsters to see they are all unique and celebrated what makes them different. We have explored subitising by playing bingo, we have shown good skill sin recognition of dice formation so we are now working on recognition of groups not in dot formation. 

We have talked about how to be resilient this week and challeneged them to be Tryatops and persevere with some their independence skills such as putting on coat and shoes. We have continued to explore rhyme with lots children showing interest and trying very hard to think of rhyming words. 

Next week we wil focus on;

- continue exploring subitising

- explore rhyme and alliteration

- introduce syllables - beats in names

- Explore Chinese New Year - how do they celebrate?

- Celebrate National Story telling week. 

Week beginning 31st January


We have had lots to celebrate this year starting with National storytelling week. We have explored our favourite stories and took them into our role play. Meadow Class wanted to be detectives like Detective dog Nell. We ad a mystery to solve of were had our books gone and who could of hide them. Buttercup have explored taking on roles and made a stage to explore and act out stories. 

The children have been learning all about Lunar New Year, we have thought about how we celebrate festivals and what traditions we may have compared to the traditions for lunar new year. Both classes have made dragons and lions and used drums to create our own dances both inside and outside. 

In maths we have been continuing to challenge the children to look at objects and tell us how many they see rather than counting them, this is called subitising. 

Phonics we have been thinking about sounds we like and don't like. 

Next week our focus will be;

- maths - we will be supporting children with any gaps in their learning from the last few terms

- Phonics - we will explore instrument sounds - how can we move to them. Follow the leader. 

- We will explore how to be safe online for Safer internet day on Tuesday. 

- We will explore valentines day with stories and activities. 

Week beginning 7th February 


We have introduced a new self-regulation technique with the children called Rainbow breaths. We focus on breathing in thorugh our nose and out of our mouths drawing a rainbow above our heads with our hands. It is important for children to understand about self-regulation and explore techniques that help them in their busy lifes. 

We have begun to explore valentine's day and explore who we love and why, some children had such nice things to say about each other and their families. 

Children had the choice to make cards and biscuits if they wanted and as a staff team we decided to show our appreciation to them by making them a biscuit. 

We have been consolidating learning from this term and revisited aspects we felt children needed to explore more in maths. We have introduced rhyme to the children and will continue to explore and listen to rhyming words. The children have really enjoyed our popcorn poem this month so we have been watching kernals pop.


Next week we will focus on;

- Supporting and consolidating maths knowledge

- Exploring rhyme through finding rhyming pairs

- To think about our dreams and goals - what do we want to be when we grow up?

- continue to support fine motor skills with dough disco. 

Week beginning 14th February


What a lovely way to start the week then to hear all the lovely treats and cards children had to celebrate love on Valentine's day. We even had a few children bring in cards for each other. It's great to show the love. 

In Meadow Classs we had a spaceship crash into our classroom and found underpants everywhere. The children were keen to investigate and decided it must be Aliens who love underpants like in the stories we have shared. 

We found Alien footprints which we compared and followed to find the hidden pants. We have explored words that rhyme and tried to find rhyming pairs. We will continue to explore this after half term. 

We will also be introducing something scribble club after half term to support children's passion for mark making. 


After half term we will focus on;

- exploring counting - rote counting in order to 5 and 10.

- rhyming words - listening to them in stories and trying to find rhyming pairs.

- Introducing scribble club

- celebrating World book day, Pancake day and St David's day.

- Exploring making up our own story. 

Week beginning 28th February

The children had so much exciting news to share about their half term holidays. There has been a lot to celebrate this week, it started with Pancake day and St David's day. The children made their own pancakes and had pancake tossing races. We explored all things welsh and made daffodil pictures. 

Thursday we celebrated World book day, it was great to see all the costumes and listen to the children's favourite stories. We attempted our own stories thinking about what charaters we woud need and where or story might happen. 

We have been exploring rhyme by making a rhyming soup and adding words that sound similiar. In Maths we have been exploring counting, number of the term and shape of the term. 

In Meadow we have moved the classroom around a little and have now made The Meadow which is where children can go to explore books, listen to music, relax and regulate. It is a calm environment with rules that the children have learning to be responsible and look after our new area. We have made this change to fit more with how the children use the spaces. We like to ensure our environment is meeting the needs of our children. 

Next week we will focus on;

- What foods keep us healthy

- Maths, we will be exploring recognising and identifying numbers.

- We will continue to explore rhyme in phonics.

- We will be supporing speech sounds with talking tunes

- We will begin exploring PE in the hall with the children. 


Week beginning 7th March


We introduced the children to International women's day by exploring some strong inspiring women in history. We recognised the impoartant jobs women can have such as a pilot, astronaut and an athlete. We were inspired by Alma Woodsey Thomas and her painting with our shape of the term rectangles, many of us tried to recreate this after circle time. We have been busy exploring number this week, in both rooms we have been on number hunts identifying what numbers we can see in our environment. We have continued exploring rhyme through books, poems and making a very silly soup with rhyming words. Meadow Class and Buttercup explored PE in the school hall, it is good the children can explore more of school now and it was good practice in independence skills having to take ours shoes and socks off and put them back on again.

We have explored which foods we think are healthy and not healthy, we had some interesting ideas. 


Next week we will focus on;

- Number and shape of the term. (4 and rectangle)

- We will continue to move our bodies in different ways in PE in the hall.

- We will practice our 1:1 counting, focusing on saying one number name per object.

- We will continue exploring rhyme. 

- We will be running small groups to support some speech sounds. 

- Science week, we will explore growth. 


Week beginning 14th March


We started the week introdcuing the children to science week, we have explored growth in many ways. We have been busy planting in the gardens, growing cress, planting our own sunflowers and broad beans. We have measured each other and thought about how we have grown since a baby. We have compared length and used tape measures to see how tall we are. 

We have been counting everything this week and we had fun feeding puppets at small group time. We have been focusing on slow counting to make sure we say one number name for each object. 

Lola has been hiding from us and testing our visual memory skills to help us build our long term memory skills. 

Next week wew will focus on;

- Sharing why our Mother's are special and maybe making them a little treat. 

- Continue with 1:1 counting, focuing on using one number name per item.

- Continue with exploring rhyming

- supporting speech sounds in small groups.

Week beginning 21st March


We have been thinking about what makes our Mummies special and why we love them so much. We had some lovely thoughts from the children, you all sound fantastic. 

The children have been busy making you cards and bookmarks for you. 

We have continued to explore rhyme and children are showing much more understanding and some children are completing a 3 string rhyme. 

Maths, we have been busy practicing couting objects and saying one umber name per object. We have seen a real improvement in children's 1:1 counting. 

We have been busy planting and exploring our mud kitchen more in the lovely weather. We have also been thinking how to treat living things such as bees, flies and worms. Jack has been introducing the Easter story to us and we have thought about how we celebrate Easter. 


Next week we will focus on;

- Understanding anything can be counted such as claps, steps etc

- Jack will be helping us to explore the Easter story.

- Finger gym we will be focusing on fine motor skills.

- We will continue to explore rhyimg strings.

Week beginning 28th March


What a week of different weather we have had, the children got very excited by the sight of snow. We have enjoyed exploring the eggs this week, we have used them in finger gym so open, fill with items and close. We have also used them in egg hunts and to support number recognition and subitising. 

The children have enjoyed rhyming bingo and are showing great knowledge and understanding in this area now. 

At home try counting things that are not objects such as claps, steps etc as this is a concept they find tricky. 


Next week we will focus on;

- Maths, we will recap anything learnt this term and support any gaps in knowledge.

- Phonics, we will listen to rhythm and rhyme.

- We will prepare for our performance and show you the story we have learnt.


Week beginning 4th April


The children made us so proud in their Easter show, this takes so much courage for them to perform in front of you all. This helps build confidence and courage and we hope you notice the small differences each time we perform. It was lovely to perform together and have you all take part in our Easter egg hunt.

Meadow Class have introduced their Caterpillars this week and Buttercup's will arrive after our Easter break. The children have been fascinated about the life cycle and watching them eat, move and crawl to the top. We have voted on names for them to use our democratic skills. 

The children have grown in rhyming skills over this term and enjoyed our game thinking of words that rhyme. 

We finished the term with Messy Church on Friday, we explored the Easter story and took part in a splatter paint activity.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter break and we will see you on Monday 25th April. 


Week beginning 25th April


Welcome back after the Easter break, we hope you enjoyed some quality family time over the Easter period. If your child is going to school we will be focusing on transition with them during the summer term. We will make slight changes within our routine to help them understand expectations of school. 

We have welocmed 4 new friends into Meadow class and the children have been great role models and friends to our new children. 

This week we have focused on alliteration and sounds at the beginning of words with our pre-school children. Our rising 3's we have been focusing on speech sounds and mouth movements, playing fun games to support us with our speeh and language. 

In Maths, the pre-school children have been focusing on couting to 10 and beyond, whilst our rising 3's have been exploring positional language. 

Buttercup now have caterpillars and have been exploring their life cycle and watching them grow and move. In Meadow class we started the week with 5 cocoons but we now have 4 and 1 butterfly. 

Next week we will focus on;

- Maths, we will introduce days of the week and what order they go.

- Phonics, we will continue to explore sounds at beginning of words.

- We will be making a card for the Queen. 

- Exploring stories with Jack in the Box that promote courage as we will need this in our move to a new class. 

- Finger gym and core muscle strength is a focus this term to support children to be ready to write in Reception class. 


Week beginning 2nd May 


Buttercup caterpillars are growing and keep visiting the top of the pot to make a j shape, we think they will cocoons very soon. Meadow Class released their butterflies this week. We tested each day to see if their wings had dried and they were ready to fly. We let a few go each day when they were ready. The children showed care and concern for the butterflies. 

We have been busy listening to the sounds at the beginning of names and trying to think of other things beginning with this sound. 

Maths we have been learning the days of the week in order and thinking about seasons and time talk. 

Next week we will focus on;

- Maths, we continue with time talk, seasons and days of the week.

- Phonics we will continue with alliteration and looking at how our mouth moves when we make sounds.

- We will be exploring The Queen, we will make a card to send to Buckingham Palace and make our own crowns. 

- We will continue to explore growth through looking at different seeds and how they grow. 

- We will be celebrating each other and thinking about what we like. 

Week beginning 9th May


Buttercup have 5 cocoons now, so exciting waiting for the butterflies. We have continued exploring days of the week and seasons though songs and stories.

We have been exploring how to draw a person, whilst trying to draw The Queen for her birthday card. It has been interesting to explore the Queen and learn interesting facts. 

In Phonics, we have continued listening to sounds at the begiining of words. Some children have seemed to picked up some incorrect phonic sounds. Please check out our newsletter where there is a link to help you pronounce the sounds correctly so you can support us at home if needed. 

PE was unable to happen this week due to SATS in school but we wil continue with it next week, we know so many of them love this trip to the hall. 

Next week we will focus on;

- Phonics, we will explore initial sounds in words and explore segmenting. Meadow class will explore sound lotto and speech sounds with our younger children. 

- Maths, we will be assessing the children over the next two weeks and supporting any gaps we can see in their learning. 

-It is National smile month so we will be exploring oral health with the children and practice cleaning teeth. 

- We will be working on finger gym activities to support fine motor skills. 

Week beginning 16th May


We have been busy learning about Queen Elizabeth and her family and finishing our card to send to Buckingham Palace. We have continued with alliteration and segmenting skills supporting us with our phonics knowledge. 

We explored a bare foot trail as children were showing an interest in exploring different textures. 

In Maths, we have been recapping what we know about number 5 and exploring a Pentagon. We have learning the days of the week and about the different seasons. 

Wednesday was national Numeracy day so we had a day immersed in number. We practiced our rote counting, 1:1 counting, subitising skills, number recognition and representation. We explored emotions and how you can tell how people are feeling from their faces and body language. We made faces on biscuits and thought about times we had felt happy, sad, scared  and angry.

We have been looking at cleaning teeth and how important it is to visit the dentist to promote smile month. 

Next week we will focus on -

- Continue with alliteration and segmenting in phonics.

- Maths we will be carrying out maths assessments to see gaps to support. 

- We will continue with learning about the Queen and celebrating the jubilee. 

- We will be thinking about how we can show courage and be brave, exploring David and Goliath story. 

Week Beginning 23rd May


We have a fun week celebrating the jubilee, we have made bunting, Union Jack sticks, flags and pictures of the Queen. 

Maths, we have been exploring lots of aspects to support any gaps in learning and we have consolidated our learning around number 5 and our shape Pentagon. 

We have been thinking about what makes us smile whilst exploring national smile month, we had some lovely ideas from the children. 

The children are showing good knowledge of alliteration and we will continue introducing robot talk to support segmenting. 

We ended the week with a jubilee tea party in Meadow class garden, we also had a hobby horse race. It was so much fun!


When we return after half term we will focus on;

- comparing weight and exploring language such as heavy and light.

- Phonics, we will continue exploring segmenting and oral blending.

- We will begin exploring going to school with the Colour monster and think about how we feel about this. 

- We will also explore how the body changes and how we change. 

- Wednesday 8th June is Ocean day.


Week beginning 6th June


Welcome back, we hope you all enjoyed half term break. We have a busy term ahead supporting the children with the big transition to school whilst also supporting our children who will staying with us in September. 

This week we found some bones buried in our sandpit in Meadow class, the children were sure they were dinosaur bones and we had some interesting ideas how they got there. We will continue to investigate these bones next week. We have been exploring how dangerous plastic and rubbish can be for our sea animals through small world play and stories. 

We have been learning about parts of our body and what they do. 

In Maths, we have been investigating weight and talking about light and heavy. 

Next week we will focus on;

- Oral blending in phonics.

- Continue exploring weight in maths.

- We will look at our body and explore what it looks like inside. 

- PSED - we will introduce a worry jar to see if the children have any worries or questions about going to Reception that we can help answer for them. 

Week beginning 13th June


It's been wonderful weather this week and we have enjoyed being outdoors exploring but also thinking about how we can stay safe in the sun. 

It has been healthy eating week and we have been busy exploring foods and sorting them into healthy and unhealthy. We have explored making fruit kebabs using knifes and peelers  to support our physical skills. We have looked at our body inside and outside and thought about what parts of our body do. 

As Father's day is this Sunday we have been thinking about why our Dad's are special, what we like about them and made cards and chocolates for them. Sorry if the chocolates didn't make it as a present. Some children found the temptation of chocolate too much to resist. 

In maths, we have continued exploring weight and ordering three items by weight. In phonics, we have continued oral blending and we will post some activities on tapestry for home. 

Next week we will focus on;

- We have sports days on Wednesday and Thursday

- In phonics, we will continue oral blending.

- Maths, we will introduce practical subtraction.

- It is sports week so we will be very active.  

Week beginning 20th June


What a hot and busy week we have had! Sports day events were great fun and we are so proud of all the children. They showed resilience and were real tryatops in all our events. Thank you for supporting them, it can so overwhelming.

During sports week, we have thought about what physical activities we like to do and found out about some new sports.

In Meadow class, the children have enjoyed Handa's surprise so Mrs Clarke bought her own basket of fruit to school. We explored what they looked like, how they tasted and can we eat with skin on or not. Interestingly most of our fruits began with the "p" sound. In Buttercup class, they have been interetsed in flags and countries around the world. They have been learning about different countries and will explore this more next week. 

In phonics, we have continued with oral blending and the children are showing good understanding in this aspect. In Maths,we have explored number songs to help with pratcical subtraction. 

If you have any baby photos you could share on tapstry for our PSHE next week, we would be very grateful. 

Next week we will focus on;

- introducing Silly Billy story, to support any children who may have any worries about going to Reception class or anything else. We will make our own worry dolls.

- We will continue with oral blending activities.

- Maths, we will support any gaps and continue with practical subtraction. 

- Begin to explore the school grounds in small groups. 

- Thinking about how we have changed, looking at babies. 


Week beginning 27th June


We have been making worry dolls this week, we listened to a story called Silly Billy about a boy who worried and used these dolls to tell his worries to and place under his pillow so they can worry for him. 

The children gave names to their dolls and some shared their worries, we thought this would be a nice resource if any children are worried about going to school. 

We have been focusing on big activities to support core strength and shoulder movement as we have noticed this is a skill we need to support the children with. Good core strength will support them they have to go to school and sit on the carpet of sit to write. Why not try wheelbarrow races at home, they are great fun. 

Phonics, the children have shown great skills in oral blending. We have been looking at baby photos of children and staff and looking at how much we have changed. 

Next week we will focus on;

- kindness and how to make other happy.

- how we have changed and what we need to help us grow

- supporting any gaps in learning.

- In phonics we will recap and practice segmenting and oral blending. 

Week beginning 4th July


We have been learning about kindness and our invisible buckets we carry around with us. If we show kindness to each other we can feel ours and other peoples buckets as being kind makes you happy. The children have been keen to be bucket fillers and not bucket dippers. 

We have been enjoying the sunshine and spending a lot of time in our outdoor classroom, we introduced clay outdoors and the children really enjoyed exploring this resource and manipulating it with their fingers. 

We have been rehearsing for our end of term event, the children have chosen their favourite story we have covered over the year. 

Next week we will focus on;

- continue supporting any gaps in learning

- recap what we have been learning this term

- exploring story telling

- working on our finger gym skills

Week beginning 11th July


What lovely weather we have had this week, we have made the most of the weather and been exploring our outdoor spaces as much as we can ensuring we are also safe in the sun. We have used water play to keep us cool and exploring lots of new ways to use water. We had our first end of term event which we hope you all enjoyed we did. 

We have explored how we are feeling about going to school and coloured our own colour monster for school. 

We have explored finger gym skills using hammers and gof tees with melons, though i think a lot of children wanted to eat the melons. 

Next week as it is our final we will be supporting the children with any gaps in learning and having fun as it will our last week with manay of the children. Children returning in September we will be supporting friendships with children who will be with you in Spetember. 


Together we inspire, through our Christian values, unique individuals who believe they can achieve more than they ever thought possible in mind, body and spirit. Through nurture and challenge, we provide a firm foundation to enable all to thrive, to lead and serve in their life long journey as local, national and global citizens.