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Teachers as Pupils & Pupils as Teachers Day

As part of our fundraising for Red Nose Day in March, some staff members took part in their own version of Trinity’s Got Talent. The winning group, who performed as One Direction, got to be pupils for the day on Friday 10th May. Some of the children from the classes also got to teach the class for some of the day too.  Two of the teachers were such model pupils that they managed to obtain three green cards in one day and so got their names into the Golden Book! Below are some quotes from the children:-

"To be a teacher it is very hard because some children are stuggling with work and some just want to crack on. Also there wasn't enough resources to go round the whole class. The only thing is that it was very chaotic, because some children were asking for stuff and others were asking for other stuff. Otherwise everything else was brilliant.  The good part of the session was helping all the people in the class. Also, Sam and Josh were a great help! In the end, there were some great fractals from the whole class! We had a great time working with everyone.  Thank you for all the children who made it easier" - Josh & Cody (Tarragon)

"On the 10th of May 2013 Miss Ritchie won the Trinity Staff's Got Talent. Miss Ritchie won with Mr Banks, Miss Benjamin, Miss McNee, Mrs Spearey, Mrs Kondru, Mrs Bond, Miss Schools and Mr Gingel. The Prize was to be a pupil for the day. All the children planned the lessons, there was Literacy, Maths, Guided Reading, Science and Morning Tasks.  When we were planning the lessons it was hard to think of an idea to go with our loops.  We had to plan on paper and try and sort out how long lessons would be, like 10 minutes. When we thought we were ready we put it up on the computers.  On the day I was a bit nervous about standing in front of the class but when it came to it I was fine. I enjoyed the Science lesson most then Charlotte dismissed us and we went home." - Holly (Parsley)

"In Year 5 Parsley our teacher, Miss Ritchie, won Trinity Staff's Got Talent. As a reward she got to become a pupil for the day.  Therefore the pupils got to teach the class. The first lesson was the morning activity. It was a good lesson.  We had to make our own word search to do with Robots, our topic.  The next lesson was Literacy. We had to write about the gigantic robot and describe the scene.  It was fun and easy lesson.  Next was Maths.  This was probably the hardest of all. We were learning ratio.  After that we had Guided Reading. We read Snatched.  It was a super relaxing lesson too.  Last was Topic. This was my favourite lesson. We could either draw a 3D robot or a 2D robot." - Nathan & Charles (Parsley)

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