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Dear Parents and Friends of our School,
I am delighted to welcome you to Trinity Anglican Methodist Primary School and hope that you will find the information in this website helpful.
We believe that school should be enjoyable and exciting, where all children feel a sense of belonging and develop a sense of responsibility towards their school and wider community. Trinity has created a family ethos focussed on caring, loving and nurturing all within it, which I am sure you will see when you visit our school.
Our staff and governing body work enthusiastically to make our school one that will stand out as being a school of excellence. Trinity School has a foundation based on a partnership between the Church of England and the Methodist Church. The ethos of the school and the pastoral support are key features of our strong Christian foundation. We enjoy being a part of the Bath and Wells Multi-Academy Trust and the wider family of schools across the Diocese that this brings us into contact with. We also enjoy being a part of our local cluster of schools that we work alongside in so many different ways for the benefit of the children.


We hope you enjoy reading more about us on our website. If there is any further information you require, please contact the school office. We encourage every child and family that is part of Trinity to, not only enjoy being a part of this school community, but make the most of all the opportunities that it offers in ‘embracing life’ in all its fullness!
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Nickells