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Role of the Governor

Foundation Representatives - Definitions and Roles


The core vision of the Education department as stated in John 10.10 ‘That they shall have life, life in all its fullness’ underpins the approach outlined in this protocol. The criteria against which each application for academy conversion will be considered represents the most effective means of securing positive outcomes for children within a distinctively Christian context.


A foundation member/director/governor must contribute to the skills identified in the skills audit for their particular body, but in addition fulfil the role below of a foundation member/director/governor. This ensures that the foundation member/director/governor is a valued member of the body, who contributes over and above the foundation designation.


Generic definitions

(For more detailed discussion of specific roles, please contact School Organisation directly)



A MAT has members who appoint a board of directors (or trustees as they are now often called). The members scrutinise the board via annual approval of the accounts, the appointment of auditors and by exercising their right to appoint or remove directors (This is often through just one annual meeting). Each MAT including a church school will have at least one member who will be a corporate member representing the Bath & Wells DBE Trust. There maybe more foundation members if the MAT is a VA model, as our own BWMAT is, or if the MAT has agreed further representation.


Directors (now often known as trustees but different from the church school’s site trustees)

In any MAT the directors are the statutory governing body for each school within the MAT. The Board has the ultimate authority to make decisions affecting the whole MAT, and any schools within it and it is ultimately accountable for the performance of the MAT and all schools within it. Directors can’t be expected to make every single decision so functions are delegated via:

  • Formal delegation of governance functions to MAT level committee and local governing.

    ·  Issuing policies and procedures.

  • Employment of staff.



Assuming that the governance function has been delegated down to a school’s own local governing body/board, this body operates as a committee of the MAT board. Although the board are ultimately responsible for every decision made, in reality the majority of the decision making is delegated back locally to the school.


Definition of a foundation member, director or governor


  1. A practising member of the Church of England with a commitment to the church school ethos.


  1. A member of a Christian church (Churches Together or Evangelical Alliance) with a commitment to the church school ethos.


  1. Although not a member of a Christian church, demonstrates the ability and commitment to celebrate and develop the Christian  ethos of the school. This will be sought via a locally held meeting with an incumbent or church representative and a diocesan adviser.


All applicants must sign a written undertaking and commit to ongoing diocesan training to be able to fulfil the role, remain up to date and to feedback locally. The DBE offer a course on ‘Distinctively Christian: Governance in Church Schools’ to all new and re-appointed foundation governors. This can be booked online using the following link: A distinctive Christian ethos is based on Christian values and traditions. Acknowledging and celebrating this in practice.


Role Governor/Director/Member

In addition to other skills.

  1. To uphold the Christian distinctiveness in accordance to the Trust Deed
  2. An active member of the ethos committee or similar
  3. An active ongoing involvement in SIAMS preparation and follow-up
  4. An active interest in collective worship and RE
  5. An interface with the incumbent/PCC
  6. An interface with Diocese, particularly to ensure all the foundation positions and changes are informed
  7. To attend church school specific training
  8. To be represented at the Head teacher’s appointment
  9. Part of the HT’s performance review, if requested

    10. Foundation Member involved in appointment of Directors and ensuring that the % of                       Foundation Director is in accordance with Articles and that they have been approved

    11. Foundation Directors ensure that Foundation Governors are in the same ratio as the                         predecessor school and have all been approved


Together we inspire, through our Christian values, unique individuals who believe they can achieve more than they ever thought possible in mind, body and spirit. Through nurture and challenge, we provide a firm foundation to enable all to thrive, to lead and serve in their life long journey as local, national and global citizens.